Voter Registration Weekend

What you need to know about voter registration weekend

Voters are reminded to bring their green barcoded identification book (ID), or smart ID card or a valid temporary ID certificate.

Voters will be assisted to complete a registration form providing their home address at which they ordinarily reside. This will allow the electoral commission to place them in the correct voting district.

Proof of residence is not required.

How to find your voting station

Those who are uncertain about where to find their voting station are encouraged to call the electoral commission’s contact centre on 0800 11 8000 on Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00.

Alternatively, visit the voting station finder app here.

Their own worst enemy


The Recycle Swap Shop project is suspended until further notice due to the lack of security at the God’s Acre precinct. The fences and gates have been destroyed, our buildings are being vandalised and we cannot guarantee the safety of volunteers and the community who support us. We have appealed to the Municipality to assist.
An announcement will be made in the press when we are ready to re-start the project. Thank you for your understanding!

In the meantime, there are skips for glass and tins at the Municipal yard on St Francis Drive next to the fire station.

Ivan Beaumont, Chairman,
Rotary Satellite Club St Francis

What is it that has people destroy what is given to them to improve their lives? How does burning the library or the community hall as happened in KwaNomzamo, Humansdorp on Tuesday advance their call for delivery of more and improved services when they are busy destroying the services they already have.

The community hall and library will need to be rebuilt taking funding away from other planned projects. In the coming months those trying to improve their lot through education will have no access to a library on their doorstep. Sadly it appears there is no consequence for wreaking such havoc and wanton destruction. Those responsible walk away proud of what they have done whilst those who are effected most by the loss of facilities remain mum instead of going to the authorities and reporting the perpetrators so that they can be removed from society, even only for a year or so.

It is time these communities stand up against these destroyers if they ever want to improve their lot. Certainly easier said than done but surely their must be community leaders who along with their ward councillors can motivate what must surely be a large majority who don’t want their services destroyed.

And on the subject of wanton destruction and a little closer to home!

Rotary St Francis and some dedicated members have done such a wonderful job in motivating and educating the kids, a adults, on the importance of recycling. The monthly recycling initiative that sees kids rewarded for bringing in plastic, old newspapers, bottles, even steel . These rewards can vary from a box of biscuits to, as happened last month,  where one youngster saved his recycling credits eventually earning sufficient credits to earn himself a bicycle.

Today would have seen hordes of kids lined up at God’s Acre with their collection of plastic, paper and glass but only to be told that until further notice this is the end of the Rotary Recycling Swop Shop.


The scum that prowls Sea Vista decided to break in the wooden cabin so generously donated by an international Rotary club and when they found nothing to steel simply decided to cause as much damage as they could. Once again the few ruin it for the masses but you can bet your bottom dollar the community will not give these hooligans, no that is too nice a word let’s stay with scum, up to the authorities.

It is time for the residents of Sea Vista take back their village, but only they can do it.In the words of Mandela, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. Make it happen Sea Vista before it is too late.

Rotary Swop shop destsroyed in Sea Vista.

Mighty Men Conference

EASTERN CAPE MIGHTY MEN INFO:- DATE: 2 – 4 March, VENUE: Plaas Geelhoutboom, Humansdorp.

Tickets are available now @ by calling 0861 000 291 or from Plumbago, Jeffreys Bay.

More info is available on our website

The Mighty Men Conference was a single annual gathering of Christian men and boys which ran from 2004 to 2010. The Conference included outdoor camping and preaching by Angus Buchan. 2017 was the last conference held at Rusoord in the Karoo. This year’s event is taking place in Humansdorp at Geelhoutboom Farm

South African farmer Angus Buchan began the conference in 2004, with reports of attendees varying from a few dozen to 240. The number of attendees grew rapidly each year, with numbers reportedly rising to 600 in 2005 and 1060 in 2006. 7,400 Attendees were recorded in 2007 and 60,000 in 2008. The final national event in 2010 was attended by up to 300,000 men and boys. Mighty Men Conferences have continued to take place around South Africa and the world, however these are no longer organised as one central conference by the Shalom Trust.

The Karoo Mighty Men Conference was one of the regional conferences birthed from the mandate given to them by Angus on the last Mighty Men held at Shalom in 2010. The Karoo Mighty Men Conference carried this calling from 2011 – 2017.

Mighty Men Eastern Cape Humansdorp received the honour and privilege to carry on with the calling to allow the Lord to impact the lives of men and ensuring that they take up their rightful place in the home as King, Prophet and Priest.



Happy Birthday Hibiscus

Hibiscus Health & Beauty celebrates 5 years at Cape St Francis Resort

Hibiscus Health & Beauty Cape St Francis

Since opening in March 2013, Hibiscus under the guidance of Nicole Tessendorf has gone from strength to strength gaining popularity with local clients and holiday guests alike.

Hibiscus health and beauty studio offers a wide variety of treatments ranging from manicures and pedicures through to waxing and full body massages all carried out in a calm and relaxing environment. With two private treatment rooms, Hibiscus is designed to give you the professional expertise you’d expect from someone with almost 10 years experience in the industry.

Using carefully selected products from leading industry brands such as ESSE Organic Skincare, OPI, and their new proudly South African product range from Theravine, based in Stellenbosch each treatment will leave you leaving refreshed, revitalised and most importantly looking your best.

Thank you to all our loyal clents for your support over the past five years



Blog: Thatch rooves create their own challenges

Living under thatch has its own challenges with fear of fire the biggest threat followed by the cost of regular maintenance and then a complete re-roof sometime in the future. Certainly these are major challenges but there is also a far smaller but equally concerning threat, that of thatch dust.

Many will not even notice the dust but for those with sensitive sinus will suffer noticeably particularly after very windy days or nights which St Francis has its fair share of. Swollen eyes and a stuffy nose are simply part of life under thatch as is having to sweep floors daily, twice or thrice a day during gale force winds.

But there is another threat and one we tend not to anticipate and that is the damage to electronic equipment particularly desktop computers and a lesser extent, laptops. Phones and tablets are spared in that they are sealed units but the PC is certainly not spared.

The processor within the PC’s generates heat, intense heat in some of the high end machines that some even require water cooling systems, so much heat they generate. To cool the processor the PC case is fitted with two or three cooling fans that draw in air to cool the machine.  And herein lies the threat for a period of months this thatch dust will build up on the inner components and one day, as happened with us on Friday when we were unable to publish St Francis Today, your computer will simply not work.

Fortunately in our case no damage was done and a good clean was all it needed but we should have anticipated it and taken it in for a service a lot sooner. Thankfully Jethro Cadman of Compuink set to the task almost immediately and we had a nice clean operating machine, almost a good as news, in less than a day.

Laptops are not as likely to suffer as badly from the dust but a good habit is to close the lid when not using the machine to stop dust settling in the keyboard. Another suggestion for your PC, also a necessity in St Francis is some form of moisture absorber. We use the interior dehumidifier moisture absorber available from SPAR, one placed inside the case and the other at the rear near the intake fans. Other absorbers such as those found in medicine containers can also be used but whatever type you use, change them regularly as they absorb an amazing amount of water in a relatively short period of time. Also a good idea to have one on your desk if you use a laptop, we had to throw out a perfectly good laptop with a corroded motherboard recently.

Jethro can be called on 081 569 6445  to make an appointmet to service your PC (desktop).

Wattle and Duab roofing St Francis

Computer Problems!

Jethro Cadman offers all manner of computer upgrades, servicing, virus removal and repairs as well as offering an ink cartridge sales facility. Call Jethro on 081 569 6445 or mail him on

St Francis Bay Waterproofing

College’s Water Polo U/13 team amaze!

A wonderful achievement for our super Water Polo U/13 team who managed an amazing result of 8-6 against Pearson High School U/14B team on only their second ever match – especially as this came after a gruelling Independent Schools gala where our school also did so well against much bigger schools!

A special word of thanks to Hayden of Liquid Lines our Water Polo Team coach and to Shakti Shanti for sponsoring our super swimming costumes!