Emergency ready?

How prepared and competent are you to deal with an emergency?

The many disasters that have struck not only on our doorstep on the Garden Route, van Stadens & Thornhill, particularly Woodridge College as well as the Grenfell tragedy, the devastating fires in Portugal and the fires presently threatening California, illustrates just how important it is to know what to do in the face of a disaster or emergency. Accidents and disasters can strike at any time and without warning and they need not be the huge disasters we have witnessed so recently but rather closer to home and in fact, right in your home.

How equipped are you to deal with any disaster, big or small, that may confront you? Would you know how to deal with it and if necessary save a life if called on to do so. If you had to perform CPR on a member of your family, a child or help someone having a heart attack or suffering a stroke would you be ready and able. If witnessing an accident, even at home could you effectively treat a patient in shock, control their bleeding or burns if injured in an accident or effectively contain the fire with an extinguisher or fire blanket until professional help becomes available?

Basic first aid and fire prevention is something every one of us should have at least some knowledge of and know how to deal with until help arrives for thos first few minutes can make the difference between a minor incidence or a massive disaster or even life and death,

Keith Donaldson of Bay Fire and well known to many in St Francis having headed up the fire team in St Francis a while back is offering a series of courses to equip parents, childminders and caretakers with the basic knowledge and confidence to be able to deal with the common medical emergencies that can be experienced with infants, children and adults. You will learn vital life saving skills such as CPR, dealing with choking incidents and how to treat burns and fractures.

Keith will be running courses at St Francis Links on the 1st and 2nd August so book your place today by calling Keith on 079 981 6088 or mailing him on bayfp6312@gmail.com.

You never know when you may be called on to save a life or prevent a disaster.

How prepared and competent are you to deal with an emergency?


New Décor Shop

Cross The Line opens new shop in the Village

Cross the Line Decor

Debi Dabbs has been in  St Francis for 3 and a half years, and after continued growth in her décor business, the next step was to open a shop. She will be offering fabrics for curtaining and upholstery, gorgeous tiebacks, trim, rouching and lip cords from the prestigious Castellano Beltrame, Framing samples for mirrors, a large collection of wallpaper samples and art works by Christine Chapman.

Having been in the Interior (end Exterior) design industry for 18 years, Debi has extensive knowledge, knowhow and great ideas. She is very hands on and most days in her overalls. Paint and paint techniques are her passion, but then so are fabrics, colours, textures and getting just the right look to please every client.

Next week Debi will be adding to her painting knowledge doing the official Annie Sloan paint course and will bring back all the excitement of chalk paint.

Pop in to her shop, next to the old Trattoria in the village to chat about your décor needs, or call to set up an appointment for a consultation. July special. R 300 for a consultation, and if she quotes and the job is accepted, the consult fee is deducted.

Cross the Line is situated in the St Francis Bay Village Shopping Centre on the Fisrt Floor (above Nolans Flooring)  and Debi’s phone number is 082 857 9428

Cross the Line Decor - St Francis

SRA Vote delayed

SRA Vote delayed until 2018

Reading the St Francis Property Owners newsletter that was circulated yesterday, it indicates that the targeted implementation date is now set for 1 July, 2018 should the SRA application be consented to by the majority of property owners and the Kouga Municipality. No doubt this will allow detractors some relief but it will also give us all an indication of just how much the municipality can deliver in terms of what improving the decaying infrastructure in St Francis.

With the commitment to improving the lot of the poor communities in the Kouga region it is doubtful we will see the needed finance for projects being allocated to St Francis and more likely any allocation will not even scratch the surface of what is needed. The reality is that the decay will not be arrested if money is not allocated and will become more critical, and more costly, a year on.

Reading an article published in the Sunday Time (included below) one must say the St Francis Property Owners decision on the vote criteria is extremely fair when reading how the ‘vote’ is decided in the Llandudno SRA. From the article it seems the value of one’s property dictates how many votes a home owner is allocated rather than the ‘one property one vote’ adopted by the St Francis Property Owners association. Had this ‘value’ format been set by SFPO there would undoubtedly have been even more resistance to the SRA concept than there has been. Thus far no one has come up with a better option so it still seems the only way forward, like it or not.

An interesting suggestion by a number of property owners is that SFPO start collecting money now. Obviously SFPO cannot enforce such a collection but the suggestion is that those property owners truly concerned with progress possibly start paying a levy equal to that proposed levy as a donation to kick start projects now rather than wait a year for what could be inevitable.

Read the full SFPO June newsletter here

SRA Llandudno


Gourmet to Go

Gourmet to Go opens in the village

Well known St Francis Bay Chef, Rose Carter recently opened her shop “Gourmet to Go” in the village and it is a must visit. Situated next door to KC Properties behind the pharmacy in the it is already proving to be a popular and much needed addition to shopping in St Francis.

No longer will you need to wait for the monthly market to savour Rose’s offerings which have long been in demand at the Market. SFT ‘s first visit to Gourmet to Go  this week could easily have broken the bank such is the choice of delightful food on offer but discipline and a realisation that I could return the next day rather than stocking up as one normally has to do when shopping at the market.

My choice on this my first visit was a really generous slice of pork pie to take home for lunch and for a mid-morning snack, the nicest sausage roll I have ever tasted. So generous was the pork pie slice that it actually was enough for two lunches.

Popping in the following day to take some photographs for this article the temptation was simply too much and I left, not just with a few photographs but also a chicken pie and a slice of cheese cake.

Gourmet to Go offers a wide choice of frozen dinners to take away (see menu) and certainly makes life easier for us single types and no doubt for busy moms on those days where she just doesn’t have time to prepare a family supper.

Gourmet to Go has a small but delightful choice of products either for a sweet tooth or something more savoury and Rose will be taking orders for fresh vegetables that will be delivered fresh from the farm to the shop that customers can order in advance. She has also in the process of introducing some deli items including a range of cheeses and cold meat cuts.

Pop in to Gourmet to Go during your rounds of St Francis for we can almost guarantee you won’t leave this delightful little ‘shoppe’ empty handed.


Goodie on display at Gormet to Go

Fresh produce and vegetables at Gourmet to go

Deligtful choice at Gourmet to Go


Super Fun At Fundraiser

Super Fun At Monte Carlo Royale Fundraiser

Super Fun At Monte Carlo Royale Fundraiser

The St Francis College community put on the Ritz as they turned out in numbers to support the Monte Carlo Royale evening at St Francis Links on Friday June 23rd.  The event which raised approximately R50 000.00 for the College saw keen punters revelling in the entertainment at the poker, roulette and black jack tables, while enjoying the  delicious food prepared by the Links team, the music and dancing.

A highlight of the evening was the silent auction of various artworks including creations by St Francis College students. Those students whose artworks were chosen were Ruby Tovell, Grade 4, Jeanne Steyn, Grade 5, Keano Dukai, Grade 6, Hope Jack, Grade 6, Lily Malherbe, Grade 7, and Joss Hempel, Grade 7. The auction contributed an amazing total of R3160.00 to the College fund.

The event was facilitated by Gaming Events – a Kleinmond based croupier company. Each ticket of R250 included dinner, a glass of champagne, entrance into a lucky draw and some ‘funny money’ to get the evening started.

Shaun & Tracy Kennedy were delighted to win the lucky draw prize of a night away to Zen Guesthouse in Jeffreys Bay.  Our mini poker tournament winner, Dirk Ellis took home a Jameson whiskey hamper and Justin Ackerman won the Johnnie Walker Blue Label on raffle.

A  big thank you must go to the generous sponsors. Table sponsors included Moore Stephens, Kathea Energy, The River Estate, and The Store/RVCA. Thank you too to Tops at Spar who sponsored the superb Olive Brook champagne.

Our grateful thanks to our MC, Liezl Clause and our auctioneer, Jeff Clause as well as Wayne Fairman Photography for the fabulous photos!

Last but not least a huge thank you to the St Francis College community for throwing their support behind this memorable evening!

Super Fun At Monte Carlo Royale Fundraiser

Article: Lyn Aitken
Photographs: Wayne Firman

Sand River Bridge

Update of progress of Sand River Bridge

The Sand River Bridge is on track to carry traffic over December holiday season but construction will continue well into 2018.

St Francis Today was invited along with Nigel Aitken of SF Property Owners Association to visit the new Sand river bridge construction for a full update on progress. Well we are pleased to be able report back with good news.

Barring an unprecedented flood, an earthquake or strike by a falling meteorite it appears that the bridge will be partially open in time for the December / January holiday influx. Good news for the expected holiday makers and St Francis at large.

Within the next few weeks the construction team expects to start pouring the concrete slab that will span the support pillars already constructed to form the roadway over the bridge. A mammoth undertaking. Whilst the contractor indicated that this would offer two lanes to the expected holiday traffic the bridge itself, would be far from complete as there will still be work to be done before commissioning of the bridge late in the first quarter, possibly in the second quarter of 2018.

After donning all the required safety gear we joined the contractor on the perimeter of site rather being allowed access to the heart of the construction for obvious safety reasons. Having the contractor explain what would have still have to be done once the bridge is opened to vehicle traffic certainly gave us a better understanding as to what has been achieved thus far and what still needs to be done. Because of the ‘temporary’ causeway it has been impossible to extend the bridge foundation to its full required width. This can only be done once the main section of the bridge is open to traffic and the temporary causeway, presently the only thoroughfare in and out of St Francis has been excavated.  Once the causeway has been removed work will commence on extending the foundation, increasing the width of the support pillars as well as the width of the bridge.  The main water pipeline from the Churchill dam will also be incorporated into the structure of the bridge.

The photograph below illustrates just how close to the causeway is to the bridge with sandbags seemingly all that is preventing the causeway falling into the bridge excavation area and why the causeway will need to be excavated before the final foundation can be completed.

As the foundation is extended so too will the bridge so as to incorporate pedestrian walkways on either side, guard rails et al which will be missing when the bridge is initially opened to vehicle traffic. Actually standing above the construction site and having the contractor explain the progress and further development it becomes evident the need for the tons of reinforcing steel that protrudes from various parts of the bridge construction.

In the interim residents are reminded to drive with care when navigating the bridge area and in the coming months expect a few delays as the construction reaches the critical stage of laying the roadway slab. Calming devises will no doubt remain in place even once the bridge is opened for it will still be a construction site and as such present its own dangers, particularly for those who choose to ignore speed limits.


Sand River Bridge

Illustrattration of how close to the causeway is to the new bridge cnstruction

Sand River Bridge