Sports Equipment Appeal

Sports Equipment Appeal for Sea Vista Primary School

Darryl Geel of The Village Supersapar and Jancke Beer of Pam Golding St Francis

During the month of May, residents of St Francis Bay are requested to look around their homes for any “gently used” sports equipment for Sea Vista Primary School pupils .. soccer, rugby and netball balls, tennis racquets, soccer/rugby boots, wetsuits, surfboards and cricket bats. Then please drop them off before 31 May at the SuperSpar or at Pam Golding.

There are about 450 pupils with only nine teachers, which gives some insight into the problems facing the school. Also many have parents below the poverty line. The Sea Vista Educational Fund is currently funding an additional teacher, and also has sixteen volunteers assisting with language skills.

The important role that sport can play in children’s lives is recognised, but there is no money available for kit and equipment. Hence this appeal. The main sports at the school are soccer, rugby, cricket, athletics and tennis for boys, and basketball, tennis, athletics and hockey for the girls. The children range in age from five to thirteen. This appeal is also for surfboards and wetsuits for a group of Sea Vista pupils who are being coached outside of school hours.

For more information, please contact Richard Arderne on 083 284 0168.



St Francis College vs Hermitage House

St Francis College vs Hermitage House Annual Sports Meeting

The annual two day tradition of sports and comradeship between these two schools took place on Friday and Saturday 11 and 12th of May this year with the school teams challenging each other to hockey, netball, chess and rugby.

Headmaster of St Francis College (SFC), Franzl Bause described how the annual fixture came into being. “Mr Hilton Keeton, present Headmaster of Hermitage House, and I have a long standing friendship which started out in 2007 when we were first cricket team coaches; Hilton at Kingswood Prep in Grahamstown and myself at Cordwalles Prep in Pietermaritzburg. Hilton and SFC’s former headmaster, Alan Campbell (2010 to 2015) agreed on this fixture and when I took over from Alan, we vowed to continue the tradition. So we now have a winter sport fixture every year hosted by SFC, and this year, we will return for a senior primary summer tour to Addo in October to play boys and girls tennis and cricket matches.

Eight mini hockey games were played with the SFC winning three and Hermitage House five. On the netball court, SFC won four out of six matches and the U13A put up a gallant effort losing 3-9. On the rugby fields, the Under 13 seven a side game was won by Hermitage House by 20-5 and the same score was reflected in the Under 11 match.

The chess hall was a popular gathering point for those waiting for their turn on the fields. After the formalities of the top ten match, won narrowly 10 and a half to nine and a half by Hermitage House, pupils from both schools played their own matches and made new friends.

On the Saturday morning, the senior hockey (boys and girls combined teams) on Saturday, the Hermitage House under 13 B team won 1-0 in their first game and drew the second 1-1. However, the two SFC U13 teams beat Hermitage House U13A team 4-0 and 2-1 respectively.

“Both schools did our tradition proud this year and are to be congratulated,” said Bause. “Such is the tradition that long after the scores have been forgotten, lifelong comradeship will have been forged between the pupils of both schools.”

Article & Photographs submitted by Lyn Aitken

NSRI find missing father & son

National Sea RescueSara Smith NSRI St Francis Bay station commander received a call yesterday afternoon from a Jeffreys Bay member of the public reporting that her son-in-law and grandchild, on holiday from Pretoria, on a beach walk were overdue by 2 hours at a pre-arranged rendezvous at Checkers beach, Jeffreys Bay.

NSRI St Francis Bay set up a communications network and NSRI Jeffreys Bay crew were activated to join local Police who were patrolling along the beachfront in a search effort.

The 45 year old man and his three year old son had planned to walk along the beach from Supertubes to Checkers beach where they would meet his wife.  They started at 11h00 and agreed to meet at 12h00 at Checker’s Beach but they had not arrived as scheduled.

A local clinic was also investigated but no sign of the missing duo had been located and concerns were raised.

An NSRI Jeffreys Bay quad bike was activated and searched along the beach and at 14h44 the man and his son were located at the Checker’s Beach and confirmed that they had simply taken longer than expected not knowing that a search had been launched.

The man’s wife was informed and she came to pick them up and NSRI commend the concerns raised and the efforts by the family, Police, NSRI and the community.

In the interest of safety NSRI urge boaters, paddlers, sail boarders and those hiking and walking along beaches and along the coastline to plan ahead, let a responsible person know the time you are leaving, your intended route and your return time. Stick to your plans and let the responsible person know of your safe return or any delay.

Have emergency numbers programmed into your phone.

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Notification of Public Participation:


Notice is hereby provided in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (Act 107 of 1998) (as amended by the National Environmental Management Act, Act 62 of 2008 and the National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Act, Act 25 of 2014), the National Environmental Management Act: Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2017, and the National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Act (Act 24 of 2008); of a Public Participation Process to be undertaken from 17/05/2018 – 17/06/2018 under the authority of the Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism / DEDEAT.

The following EIA Listed Activities are applicable:

Government Notice No. R327:

(Listing Notice 1 of 2017)

Activity 15
Activity 17
Activity 18
Activity 19
Activity 19 A
Activity 27
Activity 52
Activity 54
Activity 55
Activity 65
Activity 67

Government Notice No. R325:

(Listing Notice 2 of 2017)

Activity 14
Activity 23
Activity 26

Government Notice No. R324:

(Listing Notice 3 of 2017)

Activity 12
Activity 14
Activity 23
Activity 26


The Background Information Document may be reviewed for comment from 17/05/2018 – 17/06/2018 at the Kouga Municipality: Town Planning office, St Francis Bay. Should you wish to gain further information regarding the project or wish to register as an Interested and Affected Party please contact the Environmental Assessment Practitioner (details below). Please provide written comments with your name, contact details and an indication of any direct business, financial, personal or other interest which you may have in the development.

Environmental Assessment Practitioner:  Colleen Ebersohn

Postal Address: P.O. Box 1252, Sedgefield, 6573

The Background Information Document may be accessed via our website:


Incident free season on Kromme

Kromme Joint River Committee thank boating enthusiasts and ask that they continue to use the river in a responsible manner

“We are very pleased to be able to report that we have come through the summer season without any major incidents on the river. We thank all the boating enthusiasts for that and ask that you continue to use the river for your boating pleasure in a responsible manner.

The Kromme has seen a number of significant sporting events take place of recent, such as ski/canoe races, swimming events, fishing competitions, etc and we appeal to the various sporting bodies/schools when planning to hold these events to advise the KJRC of their intentions as invariably safety back-up is required and we will always be very willing to assist. Contact Naas Marais -042 294 0978 / 083 427 5356 to arrange.

The safety of all river users is and remains of paramount importance and therefore it must be noted the sandbanks/channels are continually changing and although we monitor these changes closely and re-position the marker buoys when necessary these buoys are only a guide, the responsibility for safe passage rests with the skipper.

Green (starboard) buoys are to be kept on ones right when entering a waterway i.e. going upstream and the opposite applies when exiting i.e. going downstream the red (port) buoys are kept to your right.

Fishermen are reminded, as per the municipal bye-laws to please not anchor in the middle of a channel to fish as this makes it sometimes difficult for boats to pass, particularly in narrow channels.

Our patrol officer, Nicholaas Windvogel is on duty most days, when off John Scott stands in for him therefore any inappropriate, potentially dangerous behaviour and or noise pollution be observed please report this to the patrol officer who can be contacted on 073 871 9252. If at all possible it would help us to identify the offending party if the vessels registration number or better still a picture could be taken in order that the matter may be followed up if necessary.


KJRC River Patrol Officers John Scott and Nicklaas Windvogel on duty aboard their patrol craft “Lambordinghy”

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Women golfers descend on St Francis

200 Golfing Women descend on St Francis Bay

St Francis Bay will be abuzz with 220 golfers and officials.for the National Senior Women’s Golf tournament starting on Sunday.

Following registration at The Links, the Sea Vista marimba band will entertain the visitors with the official welcome and opening taking place at around 5:15pm with the National Anthem being sung as all the provincial flags are raised.

Monday sees the start of the golf in the form of a 4 ball-alliance. This format sees the women not only  making friends but also becoming familiar with the courses. Both courses, the St Francis Bay Golf Club and the The Links will have 104 players each.

The individual competition is played in a silver division ( 0 -22 handicap) and a bronze division ( 22 – 35 handicap).  The silvers play medal and the others IBS and this commences on Tuesday morning 15th May on both courses.

Wednesday 16th May is the final round of the championship and this round is seeded on the results of the previous day.

Prizegiving takes place on Wednesday afternoon at around 3:00 followed by the closing of the tournament.

The Senior Nationals were founded by Mrs Joy McWilliams in 1994 and Joy will be present at the flag raising to hoist the SA Seniors Flag, something she did 25years ago.

In preparation for this tournament, the shopkeepers of the village of St Francis have been supportive and generous in their sponsorship.

For many of the players, this is their first visit to St Francis Bay so we hope this wonderful weather will greet them when they arrive.

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Press Release – Sheila Thysse – National President (editied)

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