Vote for JBay


Jeffreys Bay is one of three finalists in the East Cape leg of the Kwêla Town of the Year (Dorp van die Jaar) competition.

All Kouga residents are encouraged to throw their weight behind J’Bay’s bid to become the East Cape finalist in the popular annual competition.

The town that comes out tops nationally will receive R1-million’s worth of free marketing and be treated to a big celebration, to be featured on kykNet.

Dorp van Drome, the Kouga Business Forum and Kouga Municipality would like to urge all residents to support this campaign by casting your vote for Jeffreys Bay. Voting closes at 12 noon on Friday, 16 March.

Voting is easy. Simply SMS Jeffreysbaai to the nr 33157. Please note that you must SMS the full Afrikaans name (ie, Jeffreysbaai and NOT Jbaai, Jeffreys Bay or JBay) for the vote to be counted by the system.

You can vote up to 30 times. SMS’s cost R1,50 each.

New phone system for Kouga

New phone system and extensions for Kouga

Kouga Municipality is busy upgrading its PABX (private automatic branch exchange) telephone system as part of the institution’s efforts to improve its communications infrastructure.

The upgrade comes with new extensions for many of the municipal departments.

As any change would have it, the migration has presented some challenges, with the public battling to get hold of departments directly and the switchboard struggling to transfer calls.

Corporate Services Portfolio Councillor Hattingh Bornman said the aim was for the installation of the new system to be finalised by the end of the week.

“The direct extensions to most departments have changed, consequently, the public will no longer be able to reach staff with these old numbers. 

“Our main switchboard and the all-hours emergency numbers, however, remain the same and are operational.”

The switchboard number is 042 200 2200 and the all-hours emergency numbers are 042 291 0250 and 042 291 0283.

“We appeal to residents to be patient with us during this period,” said Bornman.

Press Release – Kouga Municipality

Oos-Kaap se Dorp van die Jaar:

Oos-Kaap se Dorp van die jaar: Stem Vir Jeffreysbaai

Dorp van Drome, die Kouga Besigheidsforum en Kouga-munisipaliteit moedig graag almal aan om vir Jeffreysbaai te stem in vanjaar se Kwêla Dorp van die Jaar-kompetisie.

Jeffreysbaai is een van die Oos-Kaapse finaliste in die gewilde kompetisie, wat groot voordele vir die wendorp inhou.

Die sluitingsdatum vir stemme is hierdie Vrydag, 16 Maart, om 12nm, so die tyd is min.

Stem is maklik.

SMS eenvoudig ons dorp se naam – Jeffreysbaai – na die nommer 33157.

Let asb daarop dat slegs die volle Afrikaanse naam “Jeffreysbaai” deur die stelsel getel sal word.
Elkeen mag tot 30 sms’e stuur.

Laat u vingers die stemwerk doen en help ons om ons dorp op die wenpad te sit.

Sms’e kos R1,50 elk.

Press Reslease: Kouga Municipality, Media Liaison Officer

R330 Protest

Protest on R330 under control

The protest yesterday on the R330 before Humansdorp yesterday was about the lack of RDP Housing and the relocation of the informal settlement around the waste-water plant.  Senior Kouga municipal leaders met with protestors to hear their grievances so as to diffuse the situation explaining that the Eastern Cape Department of Human Settlements is the responsible authority and not the DA led municipality. Whilst the municipality could not make any promises they do communicate with Department of Human Settlements wherever they could to assist. Mayor Elza van Lingen confirmed that the municipality “had already addressed most of the grievances that were raised in a similar protest at KwaNomzamo last September”.

The Mayor confirmed the municipality is doing what it can to uplift the area but housing is unfortunately not within their scope of services they can control. Following last year’s protects gravel roads have been graded and 23 water taps installed in informal settlement areas.  The bucket system still in place in some parts of KwaNomzamo is marked for removal in next year’s budget. The severe drought Kouga is experiencing has seen the municipality having to allocate funds to water disaster management by implementing drought relief measures with boreholes where drilling in Oyster Bay has been successful with drilling continuing in other parts of Kouga.

In her SOMA address, Mayor van Lingen appealed to councillors to explain to their communities the dire water situation and explain to them how the efforts in water security would have an effect on some services, including road maintenance. The Mayor confirmed yesterday that “a stronger educational drive is necessary in this regard”.

Law enforcement had the area of the protest under control late yesterday and patrolled the area overnight with no further instances reported at the time of publication of SFT this morning.

Protests on R330 between St Francis an Humansdorp

Photo by Christopher Scott.

Click here for more photo’s by Christopher Scott on the recent unrest on the R330 in Humansdorp


Maybe we as residents should consider some of the above before complaining about potholes or lack of some service delivery. We don’t have the bucket system and we all have a proper housing with running water and electricity. The municipality is turning things around but the drought has severely stretched an already stretched budget. So if anyone in StF is thinking of taking to the streets in protest of service delivery, rather stay home.

Opportunity for Matriculants and Graduates?

During her SOMA address last week Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen raised the extremely sensitive issue, well sensitive to those who have experienced the inefficiency of the driver licensing department. Whilst the Mayor makes mention that they have requested three new LEU’s (Live Enrolment Units) from the Department of Transport it is doubtful these will help if staff in the Driver’s License renewal section remain en bloc.  Possibly these employees are leftovers from the previous administration but whatever, they are demotivated, disinterested, rude and dismissive. Whether this is on instruction of their previous employers to make their present administration appear inefficient or simply in their culture, but a new broom needs to sweep out some of the old dust.

In a previous post “Chaos at Licensing Department” SFT suggested maybe training up matriculated or university graduates who cannot find work for certainly they would be thankful for employment and motivated to do a good job if for no other reason than they would be getting valuable and necessary work experience. In her SOMA speech, the Mayor commented: “I would also like to appeal to our business sector to develop youth mentorship programmes and become actively involved in shaping the ample young talent we have in the Kouga region”. Here is an opportunity for the municipality to start the ball rolling.

The Mayor also suggested that new premises were needed for the licensing department but surely if the system were followed the existing premises, although not ideal, has the necessary space. The waiting room is far larger than needed and the testing area, if the public were blocked from entering, would also be more than adequate. A little spit and polish and coat of paint and adherence to the system would go a long way and would save on increased rent of new premises. It is the disorganisation and lassitude among employees that make this department a blight on the good work the municipality is displaying in so many other areas of their management of the region.

And one last suggestion! It seems many a driver from Port Elizabeth travels to Humansdorp to renew their license for even as bad as this service may be, it is apparently still quicker than trying to renew a license in Port Elizabeth. You now have to show your ‘Proof of Residency‘ when applying for a new divers license so maybe those who reside n the Kouga region should be given priority.

But the traffic department aside, the mentorship programmes suggested by the Mayor are certainly worth pursuing and if some of the larger Kouga based businesses each employed one or two matriculants or graduates from the disadvantaged communities not only would they be reducing unemployment in the region but would certainly be helping in building a better community.

Just a thought!

Kouga Municipality wants to do business

Kouga Municipality wants to do business with local business

Under the ANC tenure many local businesses ceased doing business with Kouga Municipality owing to the difficulty in getting payment for goods and services provided. Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen reporting on the State of the Municipality on Wednesday at Lombardie Game Lodge confirmed that many businesses had recently renewed their dealings with the municipality and she encouraged all local business to register and service providers.

“By working with business, we were able to do more for our communities this past year and we look forward to building on these successes. The municipality will, in return, accelerate its efforts to grow local business, the economy and jobs.

We have already started doing so by beefing up our Town Planning Department, which will be the municipality’s driving force behind local economic development. One of the great tragedies of the previous administration was that they failed to recognise how important a role the Town Planning Department of a municipality plays in facilitating growth and job creation.”  

Whilst Kouga residents have been divided over the Thyspunt the Mayor said its cancellation was nonetheless an serious economic shock. Many SMME’s, entrepreneurs and job seekers had pinned hope on the development but. “fortunately, there has always been far more to Kouga than just Thyspunt. There is tremendous room for growth in many of our sectors – be it Tourism, Agri-processing or the Ocean Economy – and, as a Council, we will endeavour to unlock the full economic potential of our area.

We also recently established a three-year partnership with the Canadian municipality of Prince Edward County, specifically aimed at identifying and driving sustainable local economic development initiatives in our region. A delegation from the municipality will be visiting Kouga in March to take the partnership forward.”   

In terms of service the Mayor said the App @LINK@ was proving hugely helpful in dealing with problems without delays as experienced in the past. Some 1200 Kouga residents have registered an since being introduced the app has dealt with some 9600 calls since its inception. Residents are encouraged to download the app for there s lile doubt it accelerates action.

More to follow on the Mayors presentation but for the gent who complained to SFT recently that the DA never tells residents what is going on here is a copy of Executive Mayor Elza van Lingens full presentation (all 4922 words on 16 pages can be downloaded here.