Storm after the Quiet

Storm after the Quiet as the thieves make hay

After a somewhat quiet holiday period it seems as the baddies are hard at work again making life miserable for those unlucky enough to become their victims. Most alarming though is that those responsible for the crime are either not being brought to book or worse still, brought to book but then released on bail so that they can continue to spread their evil. Even in a sophisticated community fully conversant with the law reach a point where enough is enough so one cannot blame our poorer neighbours in China Town for taking matters into their own hands recently.

Nobody can condone vigilantism but it is hard to blame a community when they don’t have policing support and this is about to get even worse. It is no secret that St Francis SAPS (Police Service) is undermanned and under equipped. For them to have their finger on the pulse when they don’t even have the vehicles to patrol their precinct is simply unacceptable and the tax payer, and the impoverished, deserve better.

But worse is to come! An already undermanned station has just lost probably the most qualified member of staff with the transfer of Captain du Toit away from St Francis. In the four years that he was in St Francis he not only acted as station commander until the appointment of Capt. Gomoshe but also heading up the detective branch that in recent times has had significant success in capturing and charging perpetrators.

SAPS really have no right to jeopardise our community by taking such a valuable resource fromus and we need to let the powers that be that we are not happy with their action. Both the Provincial command, if not national command need to be approached to return Capt du Toit to his local post and if not that, then upgrade the station with full manpower and resources that was planned and promised some years ago.

It is time for a petition and St Francis will be approaching those involved with community policing forums to start such which we will be only too happy to support by publishing on these pages. Watch this space for more on subject in coming editions

Youngsters steal lifesaving buoy

Youngsters steal lifesaving buoy in Jeffreys Bay

CCTV footage captured footage of a group of youngsters who appear to have made off with an NSRI Pink Rescue Floatation Buoy.  NSRI is appealing to those who appear to have taken the buoy to return it to NSRI or return it to its pole on the beach at Jeffreys Bay.

The buoy was taken from Point, at Jeffreys Bay, a popular surfing spot.

The footage shows what appears to be 3 young males taking the buoy to their car. Bystanders have come forward saying that they had confronted the group in a heated exchange but despite being advised to return the buoy to the pole they continued to load the buoy into a a small hatchback red car with Eastern Cape registration plates and drove off.

If anyone recognises the persons in the CCTV footage please contact NSRI.

These Pink Buoys are a joint NSRI and public effort in one of many campaigns launched this year to prevent drowning around our coast.

A pink buoy in Wilderness has already contributed to saving the life of a teenager.

Dr Cleeve Robertson, NSRI CEO, has urged anyone finding a pink buoy that is in anyones possession and is not on a pole on a beach it belongs to NSRI and to the public in the interests of public safety.

CCTV for Cape St Francis?

Cape St Francis Civics approve CCTV concept

CCTV CameraCape St Francis Civics and Ratepayers Association recently requested permission from council to install CCTV cameras in certain hot spots in Cape St Francis. The council meets on Thursday 9th and the association hopes to receive positive feedback on the issue with a go ahead to start installing a camera network..

A well-attended public meeting regarding security of Cape St Francis was held in October and various options were discussed. Generally it was agreed the most effective and tried option is that of CCTV cameras along with Licence Plate Recognition technology .

The plan is to phase the camera installation into 3 phases, namely, Phase 1 – the entrance/exit of Cape St Francis, Phase 2 – Da Gama Rd and Osprey Rd intersection and Phase 3 – Shearwater Drive and the Nature Reserve. We have already received pledges that fund phase 1 and 2 and will begin installation as soon as municipality approval has been given. Anyone wanting to get involved or add their pledge can please contact the Cape St Francis Civics and Ratepayers Association at or email at or Dane Shaw personally on


Massive SA data breach

Massive SA data breach – what should I do?

I’m sure by now most, if not all of you, have read about the massive data breach that is estimated to involve around 50 million South Africans, including deceased citizens, and several million children under the age of 18.

The data leaked includes ID numbers‚ personal income‚ age‚ employment history‚ company directorships‚ ethnicity, marital status‚ occupation‚ employer as well as prior addresses.

The event was revealed by Australia-based IT security researcher and owner of the free service Have I Been Pwned (HIBP), Troy Hunt, who said the information was published to a public-facing Web server where it could easily be found, and was a case of ‘gross incompetence’ on behalf of the server owner.

There are several ways that individuals could be affected by the breach. The first danger is that criminals could use the data to open accounts and fraudulently transact as one of the individuals who’s profile was leaked. Unfortunately, there’s enough information to make the transaction appear legit. However, I imagine they could reach a stumbling block as opening credit usually involves having to furnish a pay slip or bank statement, and a copy of your ID.

But everyone should be vigilant – it’s pretty safe to assume that the vast majority of us have had details exposed. If you are concerned, get your credit report from a credit bureau to check if any anomalous activity has taken place. If you identify anything suspicious‚ apply for Protective Registration, which will provide you with additional security and will alert the credit provider or the bank in question that your ID number has been compromised.

The protective registration can be found on the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) Web site. It is free of charge.

However, perhaps a greater danger, is that this kind of personal information in the hands of cyber criminals could be used to perform highly targeted spear phishing attacks. Spear phishing is usually performed via email or other electronic communications. It is targeted at a specific individual, or business, and usually encourages the individual to click on a link which will redirect them to a malware-laden Web site that is usually cunningly crafted to appear like the genuine article, and will often defy all but the closest scrutiny.

The more the attacker knows about an individual, the easier it is for him or her to send an email that appears totally legitimate. While the majority of these attacks aim to steal data such as login credentials for various acts of malfeasance, criminals might also intend to install malware on the user’s computer, for reconnaissance of the company’s network to exfiltrate information, or as a key-logger to capture login details, or even to hijack the machine to use as part of a botnet.

Bottom line, never click on links or attachments in emails unless you are 100% certain they are the genuine article. Never, under any circumstances give out your bank account number or PIN via email or over the phone. There is no circumstance in which the bank will ask for details this way, I assure you. Remember, that after a breach of this nature, an attacker could easily lure someone by asking them information of a similar nature to the leaked data – after a few questions, they might begin to trust them.

For any of you who think you might have been affected, Hunt has a Web site where you can check your email address to see if it has been compromised. I know a few fear mongers were advising against this, and saying it could be a scam.

It isn’t. It is 100% legitimate – he has loaded 2.2 million unique email addresses from the leaked data set into HIBP. Individuals can search for their email addresses there, and it will return either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ as to whether the address has been leaked. It will also show on which sites it has been compromised.

The emails represent a very small portion of the leaked data, and Hunt has stated he will not make ID numbers searchable at all, as that data is sensitive and personal. He added, however, that anyone with an ID is likely to appear in the data set. Unfortunately, your ID is immutable data or data that can’t be changed, but you password can, so if you do find your email address there – check where it has been compromised, and go and change your passwords on those sites. It’s not a bad idea to change passwords on all sites that house your sensitive information on a regular basis in any case.



Thief gets 20 years

Thief gets 20 years

In what has to be the Facebook post of the day if not the month is the news SA Police Detective Captain Johan du Toit’s success in finally having a habitual criminal put away for 20 years. Sadly he will will probably be out to continue his thieving ways in five years or so years but hopefully other magistrates will start to follow suit with harsh sentences that will support police efforts in keeping criminals off our streets.

Here is the post by Lyn Edwards on the StFrancisAlert profile yesterday

St Francis Bay CAS 37/07/2014
On the 16 July 2014 an elderly woman of 90 years was robbed in her house in St Francis Bay of Jewellery and a Plasma TV to the value of R500 000.00. Three accused were sentenced today in the Hankey Regional Court.

Accused No 1 Gideon Cuthber,t 44 years old was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. Accused No 2 Vuyolwethu Nkqasi,  30 years of age sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. Accused No 3 Vuyolwethu Mdayi, 32 years of age was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

Investigating Officer Det / Captain Johan Du Toit.

Congrats to Capt du Toit and his team of detectives – St Francis Bay SAPS

Church burgled

Thieves rob St Francis United Church

Crime plumbed new depths on Monday night when thieves broke into St Francis Church and made off withmade off with a large amount of equipment, including the sound system, as well as blankets, food and clothing collected for the needy. The SAPS are investigating and a certain amount of equipment has been recovered.

It really is time that our courts put these  criminals away for a long time. So often the perpetrators are apprehended by SAPS, locked up for a day or two before taken to court where they receive bail and in a day or two are back committing their foul deeds. Even once convcted they spend a few months n prison where they are abbe to hone their skill before being let free into society to rob and pillsge. It is time South African courts stat dishing out life sentences to repeat offenders. They will never be reformed so have no right to ever be part of normal society.

Anyone who saw any suspicious behaviour or find any of the goods which have been stolen is requested to contact SAPS St Francis Bay, or the church office at 042-294-1943