Reader feels CSF property owners should make that decision

An interesting comment from a Cape St Francis property owner appears to reject CSF Civics decision to not join the St Francis SRA. Citing that three quarters of CSF home owners do not belong to the Civic association, the reader suggests that whilst CSF do not feel the neglect YET, there is nothing preventing non-civic members to join and thus improve services they would benefit from if the SRA is adopted.

It would be interesting to get comment from Cape St Francis residents for after all many who live in CSF rely on St Francis Bay for their livelihoods and as such the demise of St Francis Bay could seriously influence not only their futures but also their property values. There is no argument that St Francis Bay is the economic hub of the greater St Francis. Certainly CSF residents could use Humansdorp  and Jeffreys Bay for their shopping, banking and medical needs but without available work some, even if only a small minority,  would no doubt be forced to move to a less tranquil lifestyle than they enjoy at the almost southern tip of Africa.

Were the SRA go ahead with CSF participating there would need to be some form of guarantee that certainly  portion f the special rates paid by CSF would be ring-fenced for improvements to Cape St Francis. One would believe that the SRA committee would be more than open to negotiating an equitable arrangement to ensure CSF gets their fair share.

Read readers comment below

Less than a quarter of CSF property owners are members of the CSF Civic Association. Therefore the other three-quarters may reject the decision. It is a massive task to encourage owners to support the Civics. There is no one that prevents someone to encourage owners (1 quarter Civic members and 3 quarters non-members) to participate in the SRA initiative. Good luck. Maybe the Cape St Francis owners do not feel the neglect of the suburb as intensely as the St Francis owners, yet?