Being a chronic sufferer of sciatica any article on ways to relieve the pain is of interest. Reading a blog by David Wolfe who writes on health and nutrition, I stumbled on 7 SIMPLE YOGA STRETCHES TO SOOTHE SCIATICA BACK PAIN.

Browsing over some of the other interesting article on his blog I came across an article that is truly worth the read. It would seem that cannabis in its raw form has many, many benefits not apparent when it is heated (smoked, baked in brownies, etc.)

Scroll down to the video interview with Dr William Courtney and if you don’t have 20 minutes right now, come back and listen when you do, for it is most interesting.

Unfortunately there is such a stigma attached to cannabis, dagga, marijuana, whatever one prefers to call it, plus the fact that it still remains a crime in this country to have it on one’s possession, it would seem unlikely that South Africans will ever be able to reap the benefits of what Dr Courtney terms “functional food”.

What is more concerning is that in spite of so much research having shown its benefits in treating cancer and other related diseases, the pharmaceutical companies seem to ignore it preferring to produce expensive chemical treatments that most sufferers simply cannot afford. And who is to say that the chemical alternatives don’t do more harm to other to other organs whilst fighting the cancer cells. And quite honestly what is the difference of allowing a cancer sufferer to use cannabis (raw or heated) instead of plying them with morphine.

Certainly no responsible adult would have dagga sold over the counter at tobacconists or supermarket counters but surely the government should be looking at ways of making the ‘weed’ available for medical purposes. It would certainly save them millions not having to provide state hospitals with expensive alternative chemical treatments.

Here is a link to the article and several videos but it is the interview with Dr William Courtney that is the most interesting.

Oh… and for sciatica sufferers here are the….