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Business giving back to the community

Last year the business community again sponsored its very successful “St Francis Rocks 2” community concert – a great success based on feedback received with a very positive spin in the community. The 3nd Festival in the series takes place on Saturday the 12th  December and will build on the proven model of last year with a few improvements to further enhance the event.

The business community place a high reliance on trade generated over the festive season, we also base our core value on our ability to address the needs of our permanent residents and indeed weekenders throughout the year.

The St Francis Rocks concert is your opportunity to say thanks to our locals for their ongoing support and at the same time as having a family fun day while also raising funds for local charities.

St Francis Rocks is targeted at homeowners in St Francis prior to the holiday events program and is also aimed at getting families into town a bit earlier with the resulting uplift in business for all. We anticipate some 2000 plus people at the event with major marketing coverage via all types of media.


In order to participate in this exciting marketing opportunity we invite selected organisation or indeed their suppliers to become a sponsor.  Social media plus other communications channels will be utilised to promote the event including St Francis Tourism, sponsors web sites with one clear message – business giving back to the community.

Branding will be utilised as a key marketing tool and the imagery created will enable all sponsors to customize both print and indeed merchandise that directly links your company to the event. There will be no duplicate sponsorship of competing business for the main Gold sponsors but categories such as guest houses and hospitality will be open to all. Gold sponsors may use their own flags and signage around the main stage area.

The sponsor funds are to cover costs and any surplus will be kept for future events. No payment will be taken by the core organising team for organising the event. The organising team will expand as we entire the next stage of planning and all sponsors will be invited to participate in the project team.

Sponsor funds will be used for the following activities

  • Approvals process
  • Stage &Sound Equipment/ Lighting
  • Artists
  • Raffle & Spot Prizes
  • Clothing Merchandise etc
  • Marketing/ Advertising
  • Security

We would love to have you on board and if you were with us last year then it would be great to see you back again. As always we are pleased to hear your ideas and suggestions so please feel free to contact any of the organisors below to discuss participation and available options.



St Francis Rocks Team

Barry Tonkin – St Francis Fine Foods – 082 602 2604
Sarah Swanepoel – Dune Ridge – 082 500 4922
John Hammond – Legends – 072 770 7788




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