CCTV CameraCrime truly is overtaking us. On Wednesday tree break-ins were reported on crime watch and last night another three – Mary Crescent, Aldabara Run and another in the Tenant Centre.  The SFT post on the urgency of installing CCTV yesterday drew a rather uncalled for comment that it was propaganda for those supporting the SRA. Possibly those who have suffered loss through crime will think differently.

Something has to be done to curb the rising crime. We know SAPS is hard stretched, undermanned and under equipped to make much of a difference. Calibre, G4s and SMHart are doing what they can as are Neighbourhood Watch but it seems we are losing the battle so need to change the status quo to ensure we win the war. If the money for CCTV doesn’t come from the SRA where is it going to come from. To date no one other the St Francis Property Owners association have come up with a workable solution yet those throwing stones in an attempt to shoot them down have not made a single suggestion to save St Francis.

What is quite interesting is that some comments seem to be totally uneducated and obviously made without having attended one of the three public meetings nor actually studied the proposal as published on the SFPO Website.

We live in a democracy and your vote will count so the best thing to do is exercise your right to vote. There is an online voting form to make it easy to vote so whatever your decision, YES or NO get your vote in today.