by Roxanne Litherland and Beth Cooper Howell

St Francis College Grade 00 pupils put their recent Water Theme to good use when they learned how to care for little tadpoles – a task that takes lots of time, effort and love.

Thanks to Grade 2 mom Sally Walker and her beautiful garden, where tadpoles flourish and thrive, our college’s tiniest tots were able to adopt a few little tadpoles, which they housed in a recycled ice-cream tub. Each day, great care was taken to feed the amphibians, change their water when necessary and create a nurturing home for them.

Much to the children’s delight, the ‘taddies’ grew and grew, sprouting first their back legs, then front legs and finally, magically, losing their long tails.

Last week, the class hiked down to the school dam, where they released the froglets into the wild, where they’ll grow into big, healthy members of the local ecosystem.

St. Francis College

St. Francis College Grade 00 bidding their classroom baby frogs farewell.

PHOTOGRAPH: Michelle Miller