NSRI STATION 21 - St Francis BayBusy Day for NSRI with two emergency call outs

With an early call at 8:45 yesterday (Tuesday 24th) the St Francis Bay (Station 21 Duty Crew were activated following a request for medical assistance from the Chokka fishing boat Donna Marie reporting a 66 year old crewman onboard suffering a suspected Stroke (CVA – Cerebro Vascular Accident).

The boat was heading towards the Port of St Francis and sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II was launched and rendezvoused with the boat off-shore of Thyspunt, Oyster Bay.

The casualty crewman was transferred onto the NSRI sea rescue craft and brought to the Port of St Francis in the care of NSRI medics.

Private Care ambulance services paramedics took over treatment of the patient and he was transported to hospital in a stable condition by ambulance.

The rescue operation was completed at 10h15.

Hardly 90 minutes later (11:40) the duty crew were again activated following reports of a 6 meter boat taking water off-shore of the Lighthouse in Cape St Francis.

The sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II and Rescue 21 Alpha were launched and NSRI crew responded to the land side and EC Government Health EMS responded.

On arrival on the scene a local boat with four crew on-board was found to be taking water. The four crew were rescued onto our sea rescue craft.

It appeared that the anchor line had fouled the casualty boat motor and with the anchor line anchored to the sea bed the line appeared to have caused the casualty boat to list to one side taking on water.

The anchor line was cut and NSRI took the casualty boat under tow.

With all  casualty crew safely aboard the sea rescue craft the stricken vessel was towed into Port of St Francis without incident and the boat safely recovered.

No one was injured.

As always a loud shout out for NSRI