Kids transport finally sorted out

The efforts by Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen to solve the Sea Vista / Humansdorp Secondary School bus saga has finally paid off. The service transporting the children from Sea Vista to school in Humansdorp was withdrawn owing the contractor not being properly registered. It appears the situation arose owing to the bureaucracy and bottlenecks in processing necessary paperwork by the Provincial Government Departments of Education and Transport.

It was a harrowing period for parents and children as children battled to get to and from school and all the more stressful for those children writing exams. Responsibility to take action should have been with the Sea Vista ANC councillor but it was eventually the Mayor who took the reins and has finally been able to have the transport reinstated.

One can only wonder what would have transpired had the Mayor not become personally involved in motivating the responsible Provincial Government departments to fast track the necessary paperwork to renew the contracted bus contract so that they could resume service.

Now that all is back in order it would seem the ANC are intent on disrupting that which has finally resolved. They are apparently planning a meeting with the Sea Vista community this evening to appoint an alternative transport contractor. It seems ill advised for without relevant Provincial Department authorisation such a contract would be not only be illegal but would put passengers at risk in terms of liability in event of an accident.

All a little too late by the ANC who would no doubt love to have stolen the accolades.