Relocating is a goal that we help many seniors plot on their retirement journey. However, moving into that dream retirement home can create a new set of challenges for folks who haven’t thought about how they’re going to spend their time and who with, in a whole new place (St Francis Bay)

Try a couple of these ideas to build a new social network that will improve your new home’s Return on Life.

1. Connect with family and friends. 

Many retirees move because they want to be closer to loved ones — especially grandkids. Instead of catching highlights on social media, you can actively participate in parties, holidays, soccer games, and dance recitals. Your relationship with your own children can also take on fulfilling new dimensions now that they are adults trying to follow in your footsteps, provide for their families, and find their way in the world.

Building a social life after relocating

Relocating near friends and family is not always possible, so build into your retirement plan both the time and financial means to visit loved ones on a regular basis and bring them to you.

2.  Join a club.

Whatever you enjoy doing, there’s a group of retirees nearby who share your interest and meet regularly. Check social media and ask around to find a group that interests you. These interests could be a sport you want to remain or become active in or any other hobby you enjoy, such as bird watching.


 3. Volunteer/mentor or work part-time.

Taking a position at a charitable organization or nonprofit can connect you to people who share your passion for a particular issue and want to positively impact your community. Organizations that couldn’t afford your skills when you were working full-time can still benefit from your professional expertise now that you’re living off your assets.

Building a social life after relocating

4. Attend community events.

Farmers’ markets, religious services, open houses, music festivals, art fairs, and holiday celebrations can help you get a feel for the local culture in your new home. You might meet some people outside of your usual social circle and discover new interests that will bring you closer to your community.

Moving someplace new will impact your social life, both positively and negatively. Is your spouse excited about making a change as well? What other retirement goals will relocating help you to accomplish?

Retirement should be called “rewirement”. It’s an opportunity to live the life you really want. If you’re battling with this, give us a shout, we can help.

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