Sand River Bridge – St Francis definitely deserved better.

Garth Perry (again) draws our attention to the shoddy work on the Sand River Bridge.

“I was extremely pleased when the ‘Contractors’ engaged to construct the Sand River bridge finally opened the bridge to traffic after the years of construction activity and inconvenience to the travelling public of St Francis.

However, it appears we are not done with them yet. Driving over the bridge today, it was apparent that the (extremely thin) asphalt and the base course underneath has failed and potholes are now appearing. These are in areas which have already been patched. The mind boggles as to why this should now be happening after all the construction, ripping it up, doing it again, ripping it up and doing it again that they did. Why could EMPA as contractors and BVI as consulting engineers together with the Provincial road department not get their quality control up to scratch. The road is again going to have to be fixed at additional inconvenience to the travelling public of St Francis.”