As part of the Rugby World Cup celebrations, TOPS at SPAR Village Square are proud to announce that they will be stocking Bomb Squad lager

Bench Your Thirst. 

We are Steven Kitshoff & Malcolm Marx, and this is our kind of pitch:

First of all, we love a second half. We took extra time and created Bomb Squad Lager for all our fellow beer-loving teammates out there.

A Winning gold colour and effervescence make Bomb Squad Lager easy to drink.

It tastes of victory, being smooth and crisp with a light body. The floral hops skip and jump through subtle aromas of malt. This beer guards well with a mild bitterness that lingers in the mouth but never weighs you down.

The unique draught can design ensures that the beer stays cold and fresh for longer, making it ideal for outdoor events, barbecues, and parties. The can is also easy to transport, making it perfect for camping trips and beach days. Enjoy a cold, crisp lager with friends and family with Bombsquad Lager Draught Can 500ml


IG: @bombsquadbeer