Have we lost our reality and our sense of humour?

This whole Mallett / Williemse saga has really been blown out of proportion and sadly made into a racial issue which it is not. Three men, all testosterone filled, ex rugby players, all with minds of their own; all with their own views, have a disagreement. One we know from watching him all these years always tries to dominate and so chooses ‘FIGHT’. The other who would also normally choose fight has had a bad day and for reasons of his own on this occasion, chooses ‘FLIGHT’.

No doubt similar scenarios are replayed in pubs, clubs, family dining room tables and even board room tables on an almost daily basis. Disagreement amongst family members, spouses, team mates, business partners is a given, And given time, everyone cools down, shake hands and are best of mates again. As kids (boys) growing up who didn’t e have an altercation with a pal or sibling, some that even turned to fisticuffs to resolve.

In the heat of a scrum or lineout, the odd punch so often erupted into opposing teams swinging handbags and hurling insults as colourful as any sailor but all is forgotten by the time they all get  into the pub after the game.

Mallett is abrasive, that is his nature, Naas waffles on (intelligently in rugby terms) and Ashwin stands at the replay analysis board commenting on visual replays. If that is not a recipe for disagreement what is?  And surely that is why we have these panels in rugby, soccer, cricket. Are all the panellists meant to agree with each other? If that is the case rather they should save money and employ only one person to commentate for that way there could be no disagreement.  And no viewers to listen to their one sided views.

As a nation we need to get our sense of humour back for in reality, Williemse storming off (which he did not in spite of the press saying he did) was actually funny. Reality TV!

There is hardly a channel that doesn’t have a reality program these days and what happened in the Supersport studio on Saturday would be what the makers of Survivor strive for and what  that horrible ‘Big Brother’  was all about.

NOTE: My spell check felt it necessary to rename Williemse, Williams and it was only noticed afer posting