Billy’s Beach under threat?

At the Mayor’s  feedback meeting on Thursday evening, Nigel Aitken brought up the subject of Billy’s Beach and the fact that Dedeat had not given the go ahead to hold their event this year. If this indeed the case we have a serious problem on our collective tourism plate. Billy’s Beach is a major holiday attraction and should DEDEAT (Dept of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism) not allow them to operate it will have long term repercsuuins on our holiday tourism. In terms of economic development Billy’s offers many locals employment and undoubtedly helps these youngsters gain a little work experience.

As far as the environment is concerned it is difficult to see how holding this well organised and run event can cause any environmental damage to a stretch of sand that seems to have stood up to it pretty well over the past six years.  It cannot be the noise it will generate for The Ruins which will be run over the same period and has been given the go ahead will no doubt generate just as much noise. Billy’s is about giving something to the tourists who visit our town and caters for a totally different demographic to the Ruins so if some mischievous souls have a hidden agenda they really butt out.

Apart from meeting the entertainment needs of so many in St Francs over the holidays, Billy’s runs a good shop employing locals and every year giving back substantially in Rand terms to charity.

Please back off DEDEAT or others who may be trying to sink Billy’s