There are a few of us older codgers who shudder at the thought of having to enter the premises of a beauty shop. Even having our hair cut in a ladies hair dressing salon is a last resort and as far as many of us will venture into the world of the ‘metrosexual’. But then a situation where we are left with no option other than to accept that in terms of health and hygiene we have to bite the bullet and venture into one of these foreign, fragrant, peaceful facilities.

Having recently undergone open heart surgery where the surgeon found it necessary to saw through my breastbone, he left me in a situation where many of things I could previously manage, suddenly became impossible. With a deep cut stretching from knee to ankle and another from neck to solar plexus all held together with what looked like oversized paper.

All this made bending to perform simple tasks such as tying one’s shoelaces impossible but easily overcome by wearing slops  or slip-on shoes . But over a 4-week period toe nails tend to grow and by not being able to cut them leaves one not only uncomfortable but also with a dilemma. Somehow Renee Botha of Pop-In Beauty & Nail Bar anticipated my condition and twisted my arm to come in for a pedicure.

Please don’t broadcast this to my mates but WOW what a pleasant experience it was in spite of my holding my breath the entire procedure lest someone I knew were to walk in and witness me being pampered.

NOTE: This by the way does not make me a metrosexual but it really was rather ice being pampered.