Doing what they do best - rummaging in the garbage

Doing what they do best – rummaging in the garbage

Those who were around in the 60’s will remember “The Bay of Pigs Invasion”. Those who have not heard of it, the Bay of Pigs was an attempt in 1961 to remove Fidel Castro from power in Cuba. The CIA trained Cuban exiles and these exiles launched an attack in a bay called the Bay of Pigs during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The subject of the assault "Fidel Castro"

The subject of the assault “Fidel Castro”

So now it it is the turn of St Francis Bay to launch a “Bay of Pigs” assault and rid the town of these somewhat cute but nonetheless nuisance animals as well as other livestock that wander our streets.

Over recent years many gardens in St Francis Bay have been badly damaged by wandering pigs, goats and cattle.  After many complaints from residents both in St Francis Bay and Sea Vista, as well as trying to communicate with the owners of livestock in our township, a meeting was recently held with all stakeholders. At that meeting it was agreed that the owners of pigs will be given one more warning after which, with the approval of the municipality, a vet will conduct darting (tranquilizing) pigs and they will then be transferred to the pound in Loerie.  Depending upon the success of this operation, consideration will also be given to the controlling of stray goats and cattle.

It must be clearly understood that not only are these pigs a health hazard but can be aggressive in defending themselves and their young. Pig-induced injuries are thus not unusual in areas where pigs are raised or where they form part of the wild or feral fauna.

The law clearly states that no livestock can be kept in a residential area, which includes informal settlements.  We recently had an accident on the R330 (the main road to Cape St Francis) where a vehicle was badly damaged and the cost of repair amounted in excess of R40,000.  The recent erection by Eskom of a proper fence along the R330 opposite Sea Vista is now further compounding the movement of these pigs.

Edited from St Francis Bay Residents Association circular




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