RDP Houses for Christmas

First RDP houses handed over in Kouga in more than a decade

Thirty-five families from Humansdorp received the biggest Christmas presents of their lives today when the first RDP houses of the Kruisfontein 391 project were handed over.

Kouga Mayor Elza van Lingen said it was a joyful day for Kruisfontein. “No houses have been built in Kouga for the past 11 years and residents have been waiting patiently for this project to get going since it was approved in 2009. It is a big day for Humansdorp and our region as a whole,” she said. “It is heartening that local and provincial government were able to work together for the community and to ensure a new beginning for these beneficiaries.”

MEC Helen Sauls-August and the East Cape Department of Human Settlements were also in attendance as hundreds of residents gathered at Kruisfontein for the hand-over. Ribbons were cut at three houses while the remaining 32 beneficiaries were introduced to the community at a ceremony.

62-year-old widow Paulina Magielies received the first house at Kruisfontein 391 from Mayor Elza van Lingen and MEC Helen Sauls-August.

Among the first three beneficiaries who received their houses from the Mayor and MEC, was Paulina Magielies, a 62-year-old widow who depends on her pension to look after herself and two adopted sons, Shelton Boesak (14) and Clayton Magielies (12). Mrs Magielies said she and the boys have had to share a house with her mother as she could not afford to get her own place. “This is such a special day for our family. I have always trusted in God to look after us and today is an answer to my prayers,” she said.

Mayor Elza van Lingen welcomes Connie Kabani and her son, Conwyn, to their new RDP house. Connie’s mother was the original beneficiary of the house but sadly passed away almost a year ago before the house was completed.



Also among the first three beneficiaries, was Connie Kabani (37), whose mother, Georgina, was one of the original beneficiaries of the housing project but sadly passed away before her house was completed. “I had to leave school when I was in grade 11 to work and look after my mother, as she was very ill. I have been the breadwinner of my family ever since. It hasn’t been easy. Receiving this house is an incredible blessing,” she said.

The last of the first three beneficiaries were the Adams family, who earlier this year lost everything in a fire. Spaas Adams, who was at the hand-over with her 11-year-old daughter Ilse, thanked the Department of Human Settelements and Kouga Municipality for giving them a place of their own to celebrate Christmas and the new year. “It is a new beginning for us,” she said.

Ward councillor Freddy Campher, Kouga Mayor Elza van Lingen and Finance portfolio councillor Brenton Williams prepare for the hand-over of the third house.

A street view of the RDP houses

Christmas Gift from Council

A Christmas Gift to help reduce road accidents

Father Christmas must have paid an early visit to Kouga Council for there can be no other explanation for what they are offering as an early and extremely thoughtful gift to Kouga residents. With the recent petrol price increase those going on holiday will have already trimmed their budget somewhat and possibly the first place would have been to forego the expense of have their vehicle fully tested before embarking on their travels.

Well possibly because Santa was so impressed with the service when he popped his sleigh into the Kouga Municipality’s roadworthy testing centre in Humansdorp whilst doing his rounds to decide which kids deserved something extra special for Christmas  or because our Mayor and her council were thinking out of the box, they are going that extra mile to ensure residents can safely travel all those extra miles to their holiday destinations and back home.

Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen has invited residents to bring their vehicles to Kouga Municipality’s roadworthy centre in Humansdorp for FREE roadworthy/fitness tests.

The free tests will be conducted from today (Monday, 11 December) to Friday (15 December) from 7:30am to 1pm and 1:30pm to 3pm.

“No prosecution will be done if defects are found,” she says. “The owner will receive a list of defects, if any, to attend to before embarking on their holiday trip.”

Residents are asked to take note that no certification will be issued as this is a free additional service being offered this festive season.

The roadworthy centre is situated at the Kouga Fire Brigade/Testing Centre along the entrance to Humansdorp from the N2. More info at 042 291 0250 or 042 200 8330.

Roadwothy Centre

Mayor Elzan van Lingen at re-opening of Roadworthy Centre in May this year

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St Francis Rocks

St Francis really can rock

John Hammond ensuring aall the wheels are well oiled, and a few throats!

Saturday dawned looking ready to rain on the parade (concert) but as the day progressed so the rain then the wind stopped leaving perfect weather for St Francis Rocks. And what a great day, and concert it was! Congratulations are in order to John Hammond and is helpers, Sarah Swanepoel, Barry Tonkin and others we may have missed including the sponsors, for bringing St Francis a rockin good day.

As great as the day was it was sad to see such a poor turnout. Certainly the weather did look threatening but it cleared and what better way to spend a day with friends, old and just met, than under an umbrella in the fresh air savouring a glass of wine, a beer or one of the many cocktail drinks made up with Jack Daniels. Possibly next year’s concert, and we certainly hole there is a show next year. Just a thought but why not consider holding it on the 16th December (a public holiday) when more visitors are in town. Possibly by next year the village common presently being transformed will be able to host the event and maybe a major drawcard could be secured. For an event such as this people wouldn’t mind paying a small entrance fee to offset some of the costs which have to be quite substantial.

Great day some great music that certainly had the crowd up on their feet rocking the afternoon away.

Busy weekend for NSRI

NSRI STATION 21 - St Francis Bay

NSRI in action from early Saturday morning

NSRI St Francis Bay had a rather busy week when just after midnight on Saturday, 09th December, NSRI St Francis Bay duty crew launched sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II to rendezvous with the fishing vessel Santa Lara, 5 nautical miles from the Port of St Francis and 2 nautical miles off-shore.

The ship’s Captain had reported that they were steaming towards St Francis Bay advising that they had a crewman onboard suffering breathing difficulties.

On arrival on the scene our NSRI medics boarded the vessel and medical treatment to the 43 year old Port Elizabeth fisherman was administered and he was transferred onto our sea rescue craft and with oxygen therapy continuing we brought him to the Port of St Francis in a stable condition and he was taken into the care of Private Care ambulance services paramedics who transported him to hospital in a stable condition.

Sea conditions were 2 to 3 meter swells in a 27 knot wind.

The operation was completed at 01h30 and some of the crew were back in action at the St Francis Rocks concert cooking up a tidal wave of  boerie rolls served up with a really tasty, tangy, spicy tomato & onion gravy. Well done Sarah, you and your guys do an outstanding job.

The NSRI ensuring everyone was well fed with the boerie rolls at St Francis Rocks concert!