Monday Dining at Dunes

Monday night is usually a quiet, stay at home night for many but  for some, especially for those who work over weekends a chance to get out and about. From a personal situation where waking early to compile St Francis Today means early to bed Sunday to Thursday nights make Monday a no-no but an old pal I worked with back in 70’s suggested we should go and try the R95 offering at Dune Ridge. An invitation to visit Dune Ridge is not something one turns down for not only is it one of the most beautiful havens in St Francis, but it also means good food, be it a platter of sandwiches, a selection of cakes or indeed a meal.

Each Monday Sarah-Jane puts together a menu with a choice of two starters, two entrees and two desserts. Last night the starters were a pumpkin and cumin soup or a sourdough bread with creamy peri-peri chicken livers. Entrees were both to die for; Lamb Shank or a Spinach & Feta stuffed Chicken topped with a Garlic Neoplitana Sauce and dessert, either Chocolate Brownies or Malva pudding with a Amarula Custard

Having arrived earlier than rest of the party I sat on the patio taking in the night air and best of all, the wonderful aromas drifting through the house from the kitchen. Seeing the menu and recalling those wonderful aromas of earlier, my decision was simple – Lamb Shank. Not being a big eater I gave the starters a miss.  My decision to forego a starter was well rewarded for the lamb served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and sprouts was  not only generous but absolutely scrumptious ‘fall-off-the-bone’ delicious.

Then the ‘piece de la resistance’! Malva pudding. Having been desperately trying to lose weight I have steered away from sugar over the past eight weeks but simply could not deny myself. Certainly the highlight of the meal and I would return just to have another. And judging by how the other guests who chose the Malva almost licked their plates clean they were unlike Mallett and Williams, but rather in total agreement. More than delicious!

Dune Ridge is offering these Monday dinners at just R95 although the starter is at additional cost should you choose one and St Francis Today will endeavour to get Sarah to send us the menu in advance so you can put together  bunch of pals and spend an evening at Dune Ridge. Sarah has also introduced a ‘Burger & Crazy Shakes’ night  on Wednesday 23rd (tomorrow) night. If their burgers are anywhere as good as that Lamb Shank it is a night not to be missed.

BLOG: Have we lost our reality?

Have we lost our reality and our sense of humour?

This whole Mallett / Williemse saga has really been blown out of proportion and sadly made into a racial issue which it is not. Three men, all testosterone filled, ex rugby players, all with minds of their own; all with their own views, have a disagreement. One we know from watching him all these years always tries to dominate and so chooses ‘FIGHT’. The other who would also normally choose fight has had a bad day and for reasons of his own on this occasion, chooses ‘FLIGHT’.

No doubt similar scenarios are replayed in pubs, clubs, family dining room tables and even board room tables on an almost daily basis. Disagreement amongst family members, spouses, team mates, business partners is a given, And given time, everyone cools down, shake hands and are best of mates again. As kids (boys) growing up who didn’t e have an altercation with a pal or sibling, some that even turned to fisticuffs to resolve.

In the heat of a scrum or lineout, the odd punch so often erupted into opposing teams swinging handbags and hurling insults as colourful as any sailor but all is forgotten by the time they all get  into the pub after the game.

Mallett is abrasive, that is his nature, Naas waffles on (intelligently in rugby terms) and Ashwin stands at the replay analysis board commenting on visual replays. If that is not a recipe for disagreement what is?  And surely that is why we have these panels in rugby, soccer, cricket. Are all the panellists meant to agree with each other? If that is the case rather they should save money and employ only one person to commentate for that way there could be no disagreement.  And no viewers to listen to their one sided views.

As a nation we need to get our sense of humour back for in reality, Williemse storming off (which he did not in spite of the press saying he did) was actually funny. Reality TV!

There is hardly a channel that doesn’t have a reality program these days and what happened in the Supersport studio on Saturday would be what the makers of Survivor strive for and what  that horrible ‘Big Brother’  was all about.

NOTE: My spell check felt it necessary to rename Williemse, Williams and it was only noticed afer posting

McDougall and Woolf Win Women’s Titles

McDougall and Woolf Win Women’s Titles at Zigzag Durban Surf Pro pres. by G-Force

Women’s winner Zoe McDougall (Hawaii, Red vest) and runner-up Josefina Ane (Argentina , Blue) celebrate on the podium at the Zigzag Durban Surf Pro pres. by G-Force on Saturday – Photo: WSL / Thurtell

Zoe McDougall (Hawaii) and Kai Woolf (Jeffreys Bay) won the women’s and junior women’s titles respectively at the Zigzag Durban Surf Pro pres. by G-Force in wind effected one metre waves at North Beach in Durban on Saturday.

The two winners justified their top seeding in the World Surf League (WSL) Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000 women’s and Junior Qualifying Series (JQS) 1,000 events, with McDougall successfully defending the title she in Durban won last year and also finishing runner-up to Woolf in the junior final.

The women’s final was an all international encounter with McDougall, who has won half-a-dozen events in South Africa over the past two years and spends considerable time staying in Jeffreys Bay with the McGillivray family, overcoming the challenge of Josefina Ane (Argentina), who has just returned from a month long training trip in Indonesia after winning the women’s title in the third event on the WSL Africa QS in Port Alfred in April

The pair were evenly matched in the 25 minute final but the Hawaiian found the better right breaking waves while Ane, a goofy-foot who surfs with her right foot in front, chose to ride the left breaking waves in the middle of the beach that provided less opportunity to score highly.

“I feel great and I’m super happy to win this two years in a row,” said McDougall. “Hopefully next year I can come back and win it for a third year.”

To reach the final McDougall eliminated South African surfing legend and former Women’s Masters World Champion Heather Clark (Port Shepstone) in a lopsided semi-final while Ane got the better of Teal Hogg (Shakas Rock) in  their last four clash.

The junior final was a see saw event with Woolf paddling out late and having to play catch up as her opponents had already posted scores. But the exciting goofy-footed talent from Jeffreys Bay stayed patient and only surfed four waves, taking the lead with rides of 5.25 and 6.50 (both out of 10) for a heat total of 11.75 that her rivals could not match.

McDougall rode 12 waves with the best two netting her 10.75 while the fast improving Zoe Steyn (East London) featured in yet another final and finished just ahead of surprise finalist Ceara Knight (Cape Town), who was competing in her first WSL Africa event of the year.

“The international girls coming in is making it really exciting,” said Woolf on the podium. . “Everybody is pushing each other and surfing is on a whole new level. My goal is definitely to get into finals in both divisions next time, but I am just taking it one heat at a time and seeing where I go.”

Earlier in the day the QS1,000 men’s event saw the top seeds enter the fray in the Round of 32 and set up a classic finals day on Sunday with David van Zyl (Glenashley), Dylan Light foot (Jeffreys Bay), Jordy Maree (Hout Bay) and Shane Sykes (Salt Rock) all posting heat wins.

Organisers will meet at North Beach at 7.00 am local time on Sunday to make a call on when to get the contest underway. The men’s and junior men’s winners will be crowned at North Beach on Sunday afternoon

Live scoring, results, photos and video footage will be available on  and on the WSL App, with highlights on the WSL QS Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Zigzag Durban Surf Pro pres. by G-Force – Women’s Final

  1. Zoe McDougall (Hawaii) 12.85 points
  2. Josefina Ane (Argentina) 9.10

Zigzag Durban Surf Pro pres. by G-Force – Junior Women’s Final

  1. Kai Woolf (Jeffreys Bay) 11.75 points
  2. Zoe McDougall (Hawaii) 10.75
  3. Zoe Steyn (East London) 9.20
  4. Ceara Knight (Cape Town) 5.25

Zigzag Durban Surf Pro pres. by G-Force – Women’s Semi-Finals

SF1: Zoe McDougall (Hawaii) 10.75 def. Heather Clark (Port Shepstone) 4.10

SF2: Josefina Ane (Argentina) 11.75 def. Teal Hogg (uMhlanga) 8.0

About Surfing South Africa
Surfing South Africa is recognised governing body for Surfing  in South Africa by the Department of Sport and Recreation. SSA is a member of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and the International Surfing Association (ISA).


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Sports Equipment Appeal

Sports Equipment Appeal for Sea Vista Primary School

Darryl Geel of The Village Supersapar and Jancke Beer of Pam Golding St Francis

During the month of May, residents of St Francis Bay are requested to look around their homes for any “gently used” sports equipment for Sea Vista Primary School pupils .. soccer, rugby and netball balls, tennis racquets, soccer/rugby boots, wetsuits, surfboards and cricket bats. Then please drop them off before 31 May at the SuperSpar or at Pam Golding.

There are about 450 pupils with only nine teachers, which gives some insight into the problems facing the school. Also many have parents below the poverty line. The Sea Vista Educational Fund is currently funding an additional teacher, and also has sixteen volunteers assisting with language skills.

The important role that sport can play in children’s lives is recognised, but there is no money available for kit and equipment. Hence this appeal. The main sports at the school are soccer, rugby, cricket, athletics and tennis for boys, and basketball, tennis, athletics and hockey for the girls. The children range in age from five to thirteen. This appeal is also for surfboards and wetsuits for a group of Sea Vista pupils who are being coached outside of school hours.

For more information, please contact Richard Arderne on 083 284 0168.



St Francis College vs Hermitage House

St Francis College vs Hermitage House Annual Sports Meeting

The annual two day tradition of sports and comradeship between these two schools took place on Friday and Saturday 11 and 12th of May this year with the school teams challenging each other to hockey, netball, chess and rugby.

Headmaster of St Francis College (SFC), Franzl Bause described how the annual fixture came into being. “Mr Hilton Keeton, present Headmaster of Hermitage House, and I have a long standing friendship which started out in 2007 when we were first cricket team coaches; Hilton at Kingswood Prep in Grahamstown and myself at Cordwalles Prep in Pietermaritzburg. Hilton and SFC’s former headmaster, Alan Campbell (2010 to 2015) agreed on this fixture and when I took over from Alan, we vowed to continue the tradition. So we now have a winter sport fixture every year hosted by SFC, and this year, we will return for a senior primary summer tour to Addo in October to play boys and girls tennis and cricket matches.

Eight mini hockey games were played with the SFC winning three and Hermitage House five. On the netball court, SFC won four out of six matches and the U13A put up a gallant effort losing 3-9. On the rugby fields, the Under 13 seven a side game was won by Hermitage House by 20-5 and the same score was reflected in the Under 11 match.

The chess hall was a popular gathering point for those waiting for their turn on the fields. After the formalities of the top ten match, won narrowly 10 and a half to nine and a half by Hermitage House, pupils from both schools played their own matches and made new friends.

On the Saturday morning, the senior hockey (boys and girls combined teams) on Saturday, the Hermitage House under 13 B team won 1-0 in their first game and drew the second 1-1. However, the two SFC U13 teams beat Hermitage House U13A team 4-0 and 2-1 respectively.

“Both schools did our tradition proud this year and are to be congratulated,” said Bause. “Such is the tradition that long after the scores have been forgotten, lifelong comradeship will have been forged between the pupils of both schools.”

Article & Photographs submitted by Lyn Aitken