Appeal goes out to Dog Walkers on Golf Course – AGAIN

It seems some dog owners simply have no respect for others!

The St Francis Bay Golf Club has shown not only great patience but also great consideration in allowing dog walkers to walk their dogs on hallowed ground. Whilst the regular group of walkers are fastidious about picking up after their dogs some are are too disrespectful of not only the golfers who play the St Francis Bay Golf Club course but indeed of the entire St Francis community. It really doesn’t matter if you walk your dog on the golf course, the beaches, the wildside, one of the many hiking trails that meander through the nature reserves of the greater St Francis or even the streets and lanes, you really need to do the decent thing and pick up after your dogs.

Below is an appeal from the St Francis Bay Golf club’s Richard Vauqulin and the St Francis Bay Golf Club committee.

Read it and pass it on to other readers and help keep St Francis clean and hygienic. We are after all on the cusp of receiving thousands of holiday makers so need t be proud of our villages, beaches and nature reserves,


The St Francis Bay Golf Club Committee regrettably advise that despite the concessions granted to dog walkers, some owners are flouting the agreed terms. In all likelihood the offenders are new to the area and as such unaware of what was agreed.

The main complaint is not necessarily that dogs are walking on the course but the fact that owners refrain from carrying bags in order to remove the residual deposits. This results in golfers having to continually be on the look out “landmines” which is far from ideal when playing.

The majority of recent complaints regarding above unfortunately came from visitors to the club competing in the Pam Golding Properties St Francis Bay Ladies Open which we hosted over the past weekend. Locals hardly need reminding of the positive contribution made by visitors to the club and community at large.

We wish to reiterate that the golf course is private property though we do permit dog walkers under the following conditions which were agreed:

  1. That the walking of dogs will only be permitted after 16H00. Clearly in the busier holiday season walkers should be on the lookout for golfers still playing and respect their right of way, particularly for their own safety as well as that of their pets.  
  1. That dogs must be on a leash.
  1. That owners carry doggie bags and remove their “business cards”.
  1. That owners confine the walking of dogs to the areas covered by the 11, 12th 13th and 14th holes:-the areas closest to the beach.

In the interests of harmony we trust that dog walkers / owners will abide by the agreed terms failing which we reserve our right to revoke aforementioned concessions. 

With many thanks

St Francis Bay Golf Club Committee