Stellenbosch – The incredible Darkfest 2024 MTB event at The Hellsend Dirt Compound at Vuurberg Farm near Stellenbosch saw high action throughout the week. 

From huge makes, some brutal slams and tons of good times on and off the bikes, the spirit of freeride is alive and well.

The gathered international riders had to endure some tricky wind conditions during the Darkfest 2024 practice and warm-up days, but everything came together for the riders on Saturday.

With everyone pushing it and going for records, there were some incredible performances, as well as some unhinged sends and jumps. 

The event finished with rider-voted awards for riders who pushed their personal limits for victory and glory in various categories. 

Your 2024 King and Queen of Darkfest 

King: Elias Ruso (Austria) and Queen: Vaea Verbeeck (Canada). Both were killing it all week long. 

Darkfest 2024 Best Moment 

Tom Isted’s (Great Britain)  – 110 flip on his first drop. 

Robin Goomes (New Zealand) and Harriet Burbridge Smith (Australia )  – flip train on the step-up!

Tom Isted © Eric Palmer

The Kenda Tires Europe ‘Mind Bender’

Kurtis Downs (USA)

All The Winners From Darkfest 2024

Kurtis Downs © Eric Palmer

The Spank Bikes Best Whip 

Donny Palay (Great Britain) Vinny Armstrong (New Zealand).

Paley unfortunately took a horrific slam during the event and had to undergo surgery for a broken ankle. There is a GoFundMe set up if anyone wishes to donate towards his medical bills.

The GoPro Best Run

Bienvenido Aguado (Spain) lacing huge moves from top to bottom. 

The Pinkeye Vision Biggest Burke Award 

Veronique Sandler (Great Britain)

Watch the press for the full video highlights coming soon. Stay updated on the Darkfest Instagram.