Access Road between Port &  Cape St Francis

Is it not time that a road should be built to join St Francis Bay Drive near the port and  da Gama Road, Cape St Francis rather than having the only access via the R330?

We realise this is an extremely controversial subject but in light of the recent Cape St Francis house fire, possibly it is an appropriate time for it to be broached. The fire department took over half an hour to respond to the call last week,not because they were all fast asleep but rather because of the distance they had to travel to attend to the emergency. The fire, at the northern end of Cape St Francis, meant that the fire tender was required to travel almost a full circle, virtually doubling back on itself owing to the fact that there is no direct access from St Francis Bay to Cape St Francis other than the R330.

During the 2016 fires Cape St Francis’ only access was via the Air Park for a couple of days and had the Air Park also been ablaze, Cape St Francis would have effectively been isolated with no way in or out. Had there been a medical emergency which, considering the fire, it was highly possible that there could have been a serious injury or medical condition.

Then too consider! Townships around the country have been the scene of violent demonstrations and road blockages in recent weeks and what would the situation be if Sea Vista were to follow suit.  Again Cape St Francis would be isolated for it seems the police are reluctant to intervene as they have shown in other areas

Of course in emergencies the Air Park could open their access road but this narrow, steep access point is certainly not suitable for fully laden fire tenders or other heavy equipment that may need to access the area. Also this would compromise their privacy.

Last but certainly not least is the economic consideration. Certainly the least important consideration to some but not maybe to those struggling financially. One could say it is “the cost of living in a remote area”but consider for those struggling to survive with ever increasing cost of living, school fees and of course petrol cost that seem quite likely to reach R18 per litre in the not too distant future. To probably half of those who live in Cape St Francis, those who live south of the resort it would still pay them to use the R330 but those north of the resort, the saving in fuel costs could be significant. If an access road were built it certainly wouldn’t increase traffic along da Gama Road and would probably reduce traffic..

Now the suggestion that has reached St Francis Today is that no one is looking for a highway but rather a basic dirt access road. Possibly it could closed with booms and only opened if required. Another suggestion is that it could be opened out of season but closed in season.

This certainly is a subject that needs to be discussed by Cape St Francis Civics association, the Cape St Francis residents, St Francis Property Owners and the Kouga municipality.

Please don’t shoot the messenger but please do have your say in the COMMENTS section below. Should there be an access road or not?