By the time Friday afternoon rolls around, I am exhausted and have little energy. So my mind wanders to the local restaurants and takeaways. Sometimes, it seems fitting to grab something to eat and then laze around on the couch and relax with Netflix. Time for little communication or engagement with people other than your family. 

This vibe led me to the Full-Stop for some of Chef JP’s special Friday Burgers, a very convenient dinner option. 

A Quick Full-Stop Review

Going to the Full Stop is always fun. Some regulars always sit at the same tables, and a general influx of locals are either popping in for a quick post-surf dop and a chow. There are are with young kids who want burgers. Also, some retirees can also usually be found quietly mowing down their wine in the corner. At the same time enjoying a special burger or something else off the menu.

A Quick Full-Stop Review

Friday Burger Special

Every Friday, JP introduces a different burger, this week it was the Seals Safari burger. There have been some epic ones over the weeks, with the BlackOut burger served on a black bun, the popular double burger, and a few chicken burgers. For this week’s special, it was a biltong-infused Seals Safari Burger, and I was sold.

JP’s burgers are delicious. He presents them with fresh, large-format buns and a tasty sauce, always with plenty of variation in the game. This weekend didn’t disappoint, and it was another round of deliciousness. JP definitely has the art of patties, cooked perfectly and flavourful. The sauce was excellent, and the lingering biltong taste was just enough and not overbearing. We smashed those burgers pretty quickly while we watched Nascar on Netflix, tried to forget the week, and looked forward to the weekend.

We bought a side order of chips in case we needed a bit more in the tank, but the burgers proved satisfying enough, and the three of us just nibbled on the chips. 

JP’s burgers are R100, and the small side order of chips costs R20. 

It was a good deal at R320 for the three of us, and delicious too. 

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