Sacha Park enjoying Bubble Tea

acha Park enjoying a cup of Bubble Tea

The roller door next to the pharmacy that has been announcing “The Bubble Tea Company” is finally open revealing a rather different way to enjoy a cuppa. The menu promises several different options but not being a tea drinker the choice was simple, an Espresso version which certainly is different form the “Americano” I normally order. Making the brew is quite intriguing for there is a whole process of brewing the espresso, adding a flavor, I chose Hazelnut.  Adding ice and a powder which I would guess is a milk substitute and then the secret ingredient, the Bubbles and here too you have a choice but being a little conservative I chose yoghurt. The mix is then put into a shaker, not unlike those that one sees in paint shops to mix colours into paint and finally into a machine that seals the cup.

Handed the sealed cup you have a choice of coloured straw which you use to punch a hole into the thin plastic seal of the cup. And so to taste! The first sip is a tasty iced coffee, rather what I expected considering my choice of coffee with a hazelnut flavour.  And then the Bubble Burst! Wow!

The tiny bubbles, apparently handmade, one can imagine hundreds of busy tiny hands making little bubbles in a factory somewhere in the orient, are drawn up through the specially designed straw along with the coffee and as you give them a gentle bite they explode on your taste buds filling your mouth with a wonderful mix of coffee and, in this case, yoghurt.

There is a wide choice of different tea blends which I was assured, even as an non-tea-drinker, I would enjoy so I will certainly be back for more.

As far as cost? Certainly a little more than a cup of ‘Americano’ but in line with other  coffee mixes such as latte’s and cappuccino’s so when next in the village pop in and give your taste buds a treat. A must for a hot summer’s day.

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