“Today I learned that we kill millions of healthy dogs and cats each year, but at the same time we breed millions of new ones for people to buy. My Dad said it’s coz people want choice, but i think the millions of dead pets would like the choice to be alive. If we adopted our pets from shelters we could stop killing them which i think is a really good idea”.

These words were penned by a child and published by the Animal Welfare Society!

Such insight from a child! Would that more adults could adopt this philosophy!

SPCASPCA ASSISI Management Committee has put out a communique to its staff thanking them for their hard work, dedication and loyalty, their passion for animals, and the overriding desire to make this world a better place for all animals they come into contact with.

SPCA courageous ladies

Two of the dedicated SPCA staff Melanie Botha & Tanya Keyzer

“We would like to thank their amazing staff working in all the various jobs for the organization, for we understand that this is an emotionally draining occupation and there are very few people who could actually do what you do, see what they see, and deal with what you have to on a daily basis. We salute all our dedicated staff out there at the forefront of animal cruelty and neglect!”

Desmond & Simon, another two dedicated staff

Desmond & Simon, another two dedicated staff

“Your endeavours to make things better for animals, your efforts on outreaches, on trying to educate people and improve conditions in the townships truly appreciated by us all, and by the communities you serve. Thank you for being there and doing your best!”

The communique went on to say thank “all those wonderful people who continue to support us in whatever ways they can, from donating food for the animals, dropping off unwanted goods for us to sell to make funds available, and donating other much needed items to keep the SPCA going. You are the best!”

Like many other animal welfare organsations, SPCA Assisi relies solely on the support and generosity of the surrounding communities for funding and support – “without YOU, there would be no SPCA as we are totally reliant on what funding can be raised from this community and by this community. So many of you are “paying it back” in a sense, and supporting charities you hold dear – you are to be commended for that.”


Some good news….
Guy Fawkes night in some areas of Jeffreys Bay and surrounds, were without major incident and certainly, at the time of going to press, no animals injured by fireworks have been brought to the SPCA for treatment. We believe there should be an all-out ban on firework sales in the Kouga area, and hefty fines for possession and lighting of fireworks should be imposed and enforced. We are quite sure that the community would agree with such measures to ban this and ensure safety to both animals and people and damage to property.

Information provided by Joy Van Hemert – edited