Biggest Waves In, Like, Forever? – Notes From The Editor

Biggest Waves In, Like, Forever? – Notes From The Editor

What we prefer – sublime perfection and sunshine at Bruce’s Beauties

Yesterday, the ocean was quite a sight. The gale-force easterly that had swept in over the weekend gave way to light offshore southwesterly, and the waves soon cleaned up in the bay.

Most eyes were on Bruce’s Beauties, but my gosh, it was huge. At lunchtime, the point was just a giant wash-through with unrideable waves smashing along it. A look out to sea revealed huge waves breaking on distant reefs and sand bars never really seen before, and there was actually nowhere to surf.

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This doesn’t happen often, and the protected Bruce’s usually has a wave to ride, but not on this swell.

The charts described a six-meter straight easterly swell with 4,893kj of energy ( —a strong swell.

What usually happens on a west or south-west swell is that the swell size drops quickly as it hits the outer reefs at Cape St Francis and Shark Point and downgrades fairly rapidly as it loses energy. It then still has to bend and refract around the points until it eventually finds its way down to Bruce’s, way smaller and less powerful.

With an easterly swell, all the energy marches in unhindered, and this is what happened yesterday.

There were a few takers who had a go near the port, a wave that doesn’t break very often, is more of a novelty wave than anything else, and is not a favourite of the Harbour Master. 

We can be lucky that this surf didn’t come with a spring tide, as there would definitely have been more severe damage. However, the waves were washing over the pathway east of the Port, and there probably was a bit of a wash away. Today, we will be able to see if there was anything serious.

For those wanting to get a quick surf, today looks way smaller on the charts (I can’t see yet; it’s still dark), but oh my gosh, golly, there is a fierce southwesterly wind on the way. It feels like we’re living in a wild place when it comes to the weather, but surfing in winter in the Eastern Cape is a tough old sport.


JBay Padel Officially Open – Gear Up For A New Wave Of Excitement As The World’s Fastest Growing Sport Comes To J-Bay

JBay Padel Officially Open – Gear Up For A New Wave Of Excitement As The World’s Fastest Growing Sport Comes To J-Bay

Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa – 30 May, 2024 – JBay Padel officially opened the gates to its courts on Tuesday 28 May, introducing the world’s fastest-growing sport to South Africa’s iconic surfing destination.

In recent years, padel has surged in popularity across the globe, captivating enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. This dynamic sport, a blend of tennis and squash, is celebrated for its accessibility and social appeal, making it a favourite pastime in diverse communities across the world. JBay Padel features two courts on the roof of J-Bay Surf Village with amazing views and offers something for the whole family.

“This is a great establishment for bringing people together in J-Bay,” said Hattingh Bornman,  Executive Mayor of Kouga Municipality. “It improves the quality of the town’s CBD and I cannot wait to get on court myself,” he added.

Padel originated in Mexico in the 1960s and quickly gained traction in Spain and Latin America. The sport’s simplicity and inclusive nature have been key to its rapid growth. Unlike traditional tennis, padel is played on a smaller court enclosed by walls, using a solid racket and a depressurized tennis ball. The rules are straightforward, making it easy for beginners to pick up the game.

“We are thrilled to be bringing padel to Jeffreys Bay,” said Ari Kraak, founder of JBay Padel. “We have top-of-the-range Sky Padel courts and we believe that this sport is a perfect fit for our active community. We can’t wait to see people of all ages enjoying the courts.”

According to Kraak, padel’s popularity is also driven by its social aspect. The game is typically played in doubles, encouraging teamwork and communication. This social dynamic makes it a favourite for family outings, corporate team-building events and casual play among friends. The close quarters of the padel court promote interaction and camaraderie, enhancing the overall playing experience. “This now forms part of a great little social hub at the J-Bay surf village,” Kraak said. “Aside from racket rentals, we have a fully stocked kiosk there is a range of restaurants close by, including the Unwind Cocktail Bar ideal for post-game drinks,” he added.

JBay Padel Officially Open

One of the standout features of Padel is its universal appeal. The sport’s low-impact nature makes it suitable for players of all ages, from young children to seniors. Unlike some high-intensity sports, padel emphasizes strategy and placement over raw power, allowing older players to compete effectively. Schools and community centres have adopted padel programs, introducing the sport to the younger generation and fostering a new wave of enthusiasts.

For JBay Padel you can book on the Playtomic app and there is also a WhatsApp group which people can join to find matches and get more information.

Who knows, J-Bay might just produce the first South African padel Olympian – as padel continues to grow, the International Padel Federation (FIP) is working towards making padel an Olympic sport.


A Glimpse into the 2024 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting: Insights from Old Mutual’s Hywell George

Join us for an enlightening event as PW Harvey & Co host Hywell George from Old Mutual who attended the 2024 Berkshire Hathaway Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May 2024. This is your chance to gain first-hand insights into the workings of one of the world’s most successful investment companies and it’s legendary leader, Warren Buffett.

The AGM, often dubbed the “Woodstock for Capitalists” is more than just a meeting. It is an annual pilgrimage for investors worldwide, eager to gain some wisdom from Buffett’s insights on investing, the economic outlook and life.

The 2024 AGM was particularly noteworthy as it marked the first meeting since the passing of Charlie Munger, Buffet’s long-time friend and business partner.

Some key takeaways from this AGM include:

– Berkshire’s decision to sell 13% of it’s holding in Apple

– Concerns about Artificial Intelligence

Berkshire reported a per-share market value increase of 15.8% last year, despite challenges.

 Don’t miss this opportunity to listen, learn and be inspired by the experience of a Berkshire Hathaway AGM with Old Mutual and PW Harvey & Co.

Hankey 990 Housing Project is back on track – Kouga Municipality

Hankey 990 Housing Project is back on track – Kouga Municipality

At the site of the housing project, are (from left) Mzukisi Siyephu (LM Developments), Vuyani Zana (Ward 13 Councillor), Malibongwe Lusasa (LM Developments), Shena Ruth (Member of the Mayoral Committee for Planning and Development), Lekela Nkonki (Department of Human Settlements), Innocent Chikukutu (LM Developments), and Nico Prinsloo (Kouga Acting Manager: Human Settlements).


KOUGA – The Hankey 990 Housing Project – one of ten significant Human Settlement Projects approved by the Department of Human Settlements in 2009 – is back on track.

After overcoming several challenges, construction is now set to commence at the end of August 2024.

The project will see the long-awaited construction of 300 houses at a cost of R49.8 million. Kouga Municipality, appointed as the implementing agent for service installations, has already completed the bulk infrastructure phase, including sewer, water, and electricity, at a cost of R49 million.

The project team engaged in a comprehensive community participation process to introduce the project and team to the community.

“We believe in transparency and involving our community every step of the way,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Hattingh Bornman. “The support and participation of our community are vital to the success of this project.”

Overcoming initial challenges

The Hankey 990 Housing Project initially encountered delays due to the slow progress of the appointed service provider responsible for installing internal services, compounded by cash flow problems. These issues led to the termination of the initial contract and the procurement of a new service provider.

“Despite the setbacks, we have remained committed to delivering on our promise to the community,” said Bornman. “We are excited to announce that the project is back on track.”

Phased development approach

The project will be executed in multiple phases.

Phase one aims to eradicate the current informal settlement, relocating all approved beneficiaries, including those from Stofwolk, to formal housing. Special consideration will be given to disabled and elderly beneficiaries.

“Our priority is to improve living conditions for the most vulnerable members of our community,” said Bornman. “Moving these individuals to formal housing is a crucial step in our mission.”

Non-qualifying beneficiaries will be relocated to a Temporary Relocation Area (TRA) to ensure appropriate accommodation for all residents.

Future phases

Following phase one, subsequent phases will be rolled out.

A funding application for phase three is planned to commence in the new financial year, 1 April 2025.

“Each phase is a milestone towards providing safe and dignified housing for all our residents,” said Bornman.





Giant Waves At Port St Francis – Photos Of The Day

Giant Waves At Port St Francis – Photos Of The Day

We were trying to find a place for a quiet surf yesterday, but unfortunately, one of the biggest east swells of recent times was hitting us. We ended up sightseeing the waves from the Port.

Photos are poor quality, my iPhone needs an upgrade, but the wave sizes are quite incredible.