Time: Our Greatest Asset

Among all the assets we accumulate in life, time stands as our most precious. Unlike investments, properties, or business ventures, time is irreplaceable and finite. The true wealth of life lies not in material possessions but in the moments spent with loved ones, in pursuits that bring us joy, and in activities that give our lives purpose. This understanding becomes particularly profound as we approach retirement.

Retirement should not be viewed as the end of the road but rather as the beginning of a potentially fulfilling phase of life. It’s an opportunity to unleash our true potential and follow our dreams. Retirement is not about drawdown percentages or investment returns; it’s about living our best life with what we have.

Cherishing Times with Loved Ones

One of the greatest joys in life is spending time with those we love. Whether it’s family, friends, or chosen companions, these relationships form the core of our happiness. Retirement provides the time to deepen these connections, create lasting memories, and share experiences that enrich our lives.

Time Our Greatest Asset

Pursing Joyful Activities

Retirement is a chance to focus on activities that fill our hearts with joy. This might mean traveling to new places, exploring hobbies, or simply enjoying the leisure that a busy working life didn’t allow. Engaging in activities that bring pleasure and satisfaction is crucial for maintaining a sense of well-being and fulfilment.

Living With Purpose

Purpose is what gives life meaning. In retirement, we have the freedom to define our purpose on our own terms. This could involve volunteering, mentoring, starting a new venture, or dedicating time to causes we are passionate about. Living with purpose in retirement can provide a sense of accomplishment and leave a positive impact on the world around us.

Time Our Greatest Asset

The True Measure of Retirement

When planning for retirement, it’s easy to get caught up in the financial aspects—worrying about savings, investments, and returns. While financial security is important, it should not overshadow the ultimate goal: to live our best life. Retirement should be measured by the quality of our experiences, the strength of our relationships, and the fulfilment of our aspirations.


In the End

Time is our greatest asset, especially in retirement. It allows us to invest in relationships, pursue our passions, and live with purpose. As we plan for retirement, let’s remember that the true wealth of life lies in making the most of our time, creating a life rich in joy, meaning, and fulfilment. This mindset shift from financial focus to life enrichment can transform retirement into the most rewarding phase of our lives.


Dirk Groeneveld, Certified Financial Plannert. 

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Fierro and Ferreira Win Tahiti Pro – Medina On Fire!

Fierro and Ferreira Win Tahiti Pro – Medina On Fire!

Fierro and Ferreira win the SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro Presented by Outerknown, Stop No. 6 on the World Surf League (WSL) 2024 Championship Tour (CT). It was an incredible last two days of competition in Tahiti with some of the biggest performances of the year coming from the world’s best, posting 27 excellent rides in only 15 heats. 

Teahupo’o displayed its true power and beauty during this memorable event with the world’s best surfers. These competitors have put the world on notice ahead of the Olympic Games Paris 2024 when competitive surfing will return to this location in late July. 

Italo Ferreira Claims Victory at ‘The End of The Road,’ Overcomes John John Florence in Final

Coming into the SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro, Italo Ferreira (BRA) had only made Finals Day once in 2024 and was sitting at 16th on the rankings. The 2019 World Champion was in desperate need of a big result if he was to be any chance of booking a spot in this year’s Lexus WSL Finals. He started the day with huge wins in his Round of 16 and Quarterfinal heats and built unstoppable momentum on his way to his first Final in Tahiti. The win today propelled Ferreira 11 spots up the rankings into the 5th spot with three events remaining on the schedule before the one-day, winner-take-all Championship event. 

“I have really been waiting for this moment,” Ferreira said. “I have won in different types of waves, not barrels, and that is what I’ve been looking for. I missed this event last year and I have finally got my win here. I’m really really stoked. I want to thank God, and my family and friends. That’s it, job done. Now it’s time to prepare for El Salvador, which is next.” 

In the Final, Ferreira came up against the momentum surfer of the men’s Finals Day, John John Florence (HAW) in a classic goofy, versus natural-footer matchup in perfect pits at Teahupo’o. Ferreira got started early, posting back-to-back excellent scores to earn a heat total of 17.70 (out of a possible 20)  in the first 12 minutes. Florence struggled to counter early, taking a solid wipeout on his first wave and needing time to recover and get himself out of a combination situation. Eventually, Florence found a super critical late drop and tube make to post a 9.33 (out of a possible 10) but as time wound down, he was unable to find a backup, leaving the 2019 World Champion Ferreira to claim his first win since the Surf Ranch Pro in 2023. 

“That was a really special heat against John [Florence], I’m so inspired by him,” continued Ferreira. “That was a great heat. We started early today and it was a long day, and I’m so happy to make the Final and win this comp. I always knew it was a possibility for me and it was no my moment and I’m really happy for that.” 

Wildcard Vahine Fierro Wins with Groundbreaking Performances at Teahupo’o

Vahine Fierro (FRA) became the first Tahitian local to win the Tahiti Pro as a wildcard. Not only was Fierro’s win impressive from her performances throughout the day, but she also faced incredibly tough competition on a day that saw the bar raised by a number of women. Hailing from the outer island Huahine, Fierro and her family relocated to Teahupo’o as she and her sisters began to focus on their competitive surfing careers. Fierro’s time and experience at Teahupo’o shows, with the 24-year-old putting on some of the most incredible performances at the wave and showing what is possible for women in the world’s heaviest waves. In her third wildcard appearance at her home break, the former WSL World Junior Champion claimed the biggest win of her career on a proud day for Tahiti and France. 

“I mean, I knew and believed that at some point I would win this event,” Fierro said. “My body is sore everywhere I gave it my all. I wiped out so many times and broke my board. It was like madness. I was calm. It’s insane. I just want to thank everybody because all their energy is what motivates me, what inspires me. I wanted to thank Jeremy Flores for coaching me through all of this. He was telling me, ‘It’s the semi now. You just need to go. There’s no pulling back, and there’s no holding back. You just gotta go.’ Jessi [Miley-Dyer] made the amazing call to throw us out there today, and that’s what women need. Thank you to Jessi for trusting the women because we were more than capable out there. Thank you, Teahupo’o, so special and thank you for sending me the best waves of my life in that heat.”

Ramzi Boukhiam Bests Kelly Slater, Earns Career-Best Result

It was a big day for Taghazout Bay’s Ramzi Boukhiam (MAR) who defeated Kanoa Igarashi (JPN) in the Round of 16 at the start of the day’s competition. Igarashi struggled to find a rhythm with the wave, while Boukhiam didn’t waste time to wait for the bigger sets. He build on his score to comfortably book his spot in the Quarters where he matched up with 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater (USA) who came into the SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro as an event wildcard.

Slater then went on to dominate the majority of his Quarterfinal matchup with Boukhiam, holding an excellent heat total of 16.66 and looking destined for the Final until Boukhiam found a critical, deep tube ride on a bomb to earn a near-perfect 9.80 and knock the GOAT out of the event. The Morrocan went down to eventual event winner Ferreira in the Semifinals. 

Slater earned his best result since 2022 (3rd place at the Tahiti Pro). The five-time Tahiti Pro event winner showed his form as Teahupo’o turned on and reminded us of the Slater magic, particularly in his Round of 16 matchup with Ethan Ewing (AUS). Ewing had an impressive start, earning a two-wave total of 14.17 (out of a possible 20), leaving Slater needing two solid scores. Eventually, a bomb set rolled in, and the 52-year-old dropped in late, pulled up high, flew over the foamball and into the channel to earn a near-perfect 9.73 (out of a possible 10) and get himself back in the heat. Then, needing a low mid-range score with seconds left, Slater found a small set and rode the tube for as long as possible to come out and take the win. 

It was a solid event for Ewing, who is returning to Teahupo’o to compete for the first time since breaking his back at this wave less than 12 months ago. Ewing will take confidence out of his performance ahead of his return to this location in July for the Olympic Games Paris 2024. 


Seal Point Boardriders Club Annual Championships On 8/9 June

Seal Point Boardriders Club Annual Championships On 8/9 June

The Annual Seal Point Boardriders Club Championships.

This event will take place next weekend, 8/9 June. The forecast looks great, with decent swell and light winds—a typical autumn weekend.


Seal Point Boardriders Club





 Registration will commence promptly at 07:30 on Saturday. 

The day’s surfing will kick off with the Open and Juniors categories, so participants in these categories are advised to arrive early.


The format will be announced on the day, and we will use a ‘Gentlemen’s Priority’ system. There will be no outright hassling; everyone takes it in turns and lets everyone have a chance at getting a few bombs.


We want to thank the following sponsors: Calibre, St Francis Brewery, Dace Construction, Fishstix, Flavii, SurfSense, The Store, Coastal Collective, and Nevermind.  

Fishstix will be awarding a custom surfboard to the winner of the Girl’s division.

Entry Fees:

Entry to the competition is R300, payable on the day. There will be prizes for U14 / U18 / Girls / Ladies / Open / O40 / O50 / O60/Kneeboarders. There will also be a Paddle Battle with prizes.

Jol and prizegiving:

Everyone is invited to the Pig and Rooster for a mellow beer or two on the Saturday evening of the comp. The event’s prizegiving will be at the beach on Sunday immediately after the last surfed heat.

Club members

We are still working on our email database and phone numbers for our WhatsApp group. Please forward this email to anyone interested in entering the contest and email us with any queries. 

Also, with the mailers coming from the Seal Point Boardriders Club email address

 – sealsboardriders@gmail.com – 

These might be going into junk mail folders, so please check them. 

Help spread the word by talking to any of your friends who might be club members who are not getting these newsletters and anyone who might want to join. 

Dan Thornton

Club Chairperson

Stoked Big Wave Girl – Photo Of The Day

Stoked Big Wave Girl – Photo Of The Day

TEAHUPO’O, TAHITI, FRENCH POLYNESIA – MAY 29: Tatiana Weston-Webb of Brazil surfs in Semifinal 4 of the SHISEIDO Tahiti Pro on May 29, 2024, at Teahupo’o, Tahiti, French Polynesia. (Photo by Ed Sloane/World Surf League)

Weekend Of Our Discontent – Notes From The Editor

Weekend Of Our Discontent – Notes From The Editor


We love to chat about the weather in St Francis Bay, and this weekend gave us plenty to discuss. The forecasts looked so wild, and many people talked, argued, and contested the information. There was so much bad weather coming that it seemed implausible that there would be so much wind from the east at such ridiculous strengths and so much rain.
Well, it came. Whether the intensity was as per predictions, the wind howled from the east, a cut-off low sat on us, and for many of us fortunate enough to own tanks, they are all now full. Many people felt the full brunt of the rain, with 22 Eatery washed out on Saturday with more rain to come.
If the forecast charts are consistent, we will have more rain throughout the week, and the long-term prediction of a dry winter is already waning.


Weekend Of Our Discontent

Regarding the weather, the FOSTER Jol was postponed until next weekend due to the rain. Per their announcement, “On Saturday, due to the heavy rains, the FOSTER committee, the Resort and the bands decided to postpone the Jol by a week to next Saturday, June 8. Same time, same theme, same venue.

Those who had bought tickets on Quicket were advised accordingly, and these tickets are now valid for June 8, as are those who purchased from the Resort. We will refund you if you have bought tickets and cannot attend next week. Please get in touch with Antoinette on WhatsApp at +27 (82) 738-3980.

Saturday looks set to be a good weather day, so please come and enjoy the evening and support FOSTER. After all this lovely rain, our trails will need lots of maintenance, so the funds raised will always be put to good use.

The committee would also like to thank Chris, Dave, the band members, Anita, and Jason from the CSF Resort for their flexibility and support.


The voting in St Francis Bay was quick, efficient, and straightforward, with many people lining up in the left or right queues and lots of chatter and meet-ups. While we await all the final tallies and all objections to be cleared, it is clear that the people of South Africa have spoken, and our political landscape has changed forever. Over the next few weeks, we will see who will form functional and/or crooked coalitions, who will stay arrogant, and who will actually make decisions for the people who voted for them. It is going to be a very interesting week. Well done to everyone who voted; we all want things to improve.