Bus back on the road

Kids transport finally sorted out

The efforts by Kouga Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen to solve the Sea Vista / Humansdorp Secondary School bus saga has finally paid off. The service transporting the children from Sea Vista to school in Humansdorp was withdrawn owing the contractor not being properly registered. It appears the situation arose owing to the bureaucracy and bottlenecks in processing necessary paperwork by the Provincial Government Departments of Education and Transport.

It was a harrowing period for parents and children as children battled to get to and from school and all the more stressful for those children writing exams. Responsibility to take action should have been with the Sea Vista ANC councillor but it was eventually the Mayor who took the reins and has finally been able to have the transport reinstated.

One can only wonder what would have transpired had the Mayor not become personally involved in motivating the responsible Provincial Government departments to fast track the necessary paperwork to renew the contracted bus contract so that they could resume service.

Now that all is back in order it would seem the ANC are intent on disrupting that which has finally resolved. They are apparently planning a meeting with the Sea Vista community this evening to appoint an alternative transport contractor. It seems ill advised for without relevant Provincial Department authorisation such a contract would be not only be illegal but would put passengers at risk in terms of liability in event of an accident.

All a little too late by the ANC who would no doubt love to have stolen the accolades.

News from Cape St Francis Civics

Cape St Francis Civics chairman with all that is happening in Cape St Francis

First and foremost, we are in a water crisis, and surrounding areas like Hankey and Patensie are facing an imminent Day Zero situation. We are on 50 litres per day rations and we need to be constantly aware of not wasting water in everything we do.

For those of you that are considering bore holes or well points, please make sure that you speak to experts, and do all your homework. There are many existing laws in place with regards borehole water, and there are also certain locations that are not ideal for water extraction due to the possibility of contamination as a result of proximity to the ocean. Please be aware.

The season was a busy one, and we hope that everyone had a good and fruitful summer. We had plenty of enthusiastic visitors, and with less beach at St Francis Bay we felt more of an influx at Cape St Francis.

  • We employed Beauty and Bennie to help with beach cleaning and safety during season, and they were in the thick of it throughout. They both did a sterling job, and we will be employing them going forward on a contractual basis.
  • We are pleased to announce that the Woodridge lifeguards are back in attendance and will be on duty at Cape St Francis beach on Sundays until the end of April.

Woodridge lifesavers man Cape St Francis Beach

  • We had a very successful meeting with FOSTER to discuss projects that we can do together going forward, and we have been working on clean verges with pesticides and removal to keep verges clean and tidy. More of this will be discussed in further communications.
  • We had a successful meeting with the Boardriders Club to discuss similar synergistic opportunities including the surfers’ car park toilet issue, and there is a plan going forward to resolve all issues. Thanks again to Stuart Minehan for the constant upkeep of the shower base and walkway down to the beach.


This year, through a mutual agreement, we have included the Airpark Property Owners into our Cape St Francis Civics/Ratepayers Association. Our membership has grown from 156 members to 273 members. There are still a number of property owners who have not paid up, as well as many property owners who have not joined up for the association as of yet. We are still on a membership drive, and would like all help in getting as many people as possible to join up.

The subs link here – http://www.capestfranciscivicassociation.org.za/membership–lidmaatskap.html

CCTV installation.

We have so far received R63800 in donations for the CCTV security camera setup. So far it seems to be working great and we haven’t had too much in the way of crime since we had phase 1 installed. We are busy proceeding with phase 2 and phase 3. Thanks very much to all who have made donations. Those who haven’t yet made a donation are encouraged to make a donation of any size, as every bit counts.

Phase 1 cost us R40179, and phase 2 and 3 are both going to cost R25604 each, totaling R91387. Donations can be made here:

Banking details: STANDARD BANK, Albert Saunders Attorneys Trust Fund, Account no: 281 401 551, Branch Code: 050015 (Humansdorp), Use Reference:  Your name/C123

Nick Schoeman from the Police Forum reported back to us at end of January.

“At our meeting with w/o Van Heerden last Thursday it was reported that we had a quiet period over December as far as crime is concerned. Everyone reports favourably on the cameras you installed and that, as well as recent arrests of suspects by the police, resulted in a decline in criminal activity since the wave of break-ins we had late last year. Everybody must stay alert at all times and the small security whatsapp groups are strongly recommended.”

If you have any comments that you would to be directed to the Ward Committee Meeting, please send them before the 20th of February – the meeting is on the 21st of February.

A big thank you to the Cape St Francis Resort for housing the municipal lifeguards over the season until the end of February.

The LINK App

The LINK app has proven to be a great success over the holiday season, with any and all complaints being lodged with the app.

This free LINK app is available for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded at download.linkapp.co.za/#dl, from the Google Play or App Store. Upon registration the app will request permission to access your location – this is important, be sure to accept.
To Link to your Ward, (Ward 12) click on “+ and Add Channels”. Select the blue Municipal Ward icon, allow the app to geo-locate you and Link to your Ward as displayed. It’s totally intuitive and many people are utilizing it to great affect.

Beach Parking.

We will be looking at increasing current beach parking to its maximum to accommodate season visitors. More to follow.

We will be publishing a questionnaire with FOSTER in the next newsletter. Any and all input is welcome, if you would like to reach out to the community for feedback.

Plot clearing.

Municipality has sent out letters to owners for plot clearing. Please report over grown plots on the LINK app for follow up.

Municipal Erven adjacent to the tennis courts. There is a FOSTER / Civics collaboration to get public works project, Working for Water, to eradicate aliens free of charge.

Please feel free to reach out to any of the committee members at any time if you have input, ideas or queries.

Best Regards

Dane Shaw
Chairperson: Cape St Francis Civics/Ratepayers Association

Article & photographs submitted by Craig Jarvis

College’s Water Polo U/13 team amaze!

A wonderful achievement for our super Water Polo U/13 team who managed an amazing result of 8-6 against Pearson High School U/14B team on only their second ever match – especially as this came after a gruelling Independent Schools gala where our school also did so well against much bigger schools!

A special word of thanks to Hayden of Liquid Lines our Water Polo Team coach and to Shakti Shanti for sponsoring our super swimming costumes!

Sea Vista Primary School Athletes Shine

Sea Vista Athletics Team: With coaches (l to r) M. Leander, B, Stefaans, J. Matroos.
Back row : Frediano Bruitjies, Archelene Hendricks, Shaneen Munnick, Raydine Groenewald and Mayzine Coenraad
Middle Row : Lieschen Coenraad, Cay-Leigh Burchell, Jeanette Jansen, Bevin Titus, and Ntando Dolophi
Front : Indiphile Booi

A group of ten members of the Sea Vista Primary School athletics teams were selected for the Humansdorp Zone team to participate in the Gamtoos Kouga   Zone, held on Friday  16  February  2018.

Our athletes were not at all intimidated by competing with the much larger schools in the contest which included schools from  the   whole   Kouga region.

Ntando Dolophi won the 1200m Boys U/10 and achieved a third in the Long Jump. Raydine Groenewald came second in both the Girls U/13 1500m and 800m while Frediano Bruintjies managed third in the 800m for Boys U/13.

In addition, four of our athletes excelled at the Prestige competition (when and where). Indiphile Booi won gold for the Girls U/7 60m. Ntando Dolophi achieved another bronze for the U/10 Boys long jump. Raydine Groenewald won gold for the Girls U/14 400m and Mayzine Coenraad won bronze for the Boys U/12.

“Our athletes have really made us proud,” said headmaster Mr Charles Coenraad. “A special word of thanks must go to our coaching team Mr B Stefaans, Mr J Matroos    and Mr M  Leander who have been doing inspiring work with our learners.”

Prefects and Scholar Patrols for 2018

Sea Vista also announced the appointments of prefects and the Scholar patrols fo rge coming year.


Sea Vista Primary School 2018 Prefects
Back Row (l to r) Dominic Makeleni (Deputy Head boy), Shemeema Yousuf, Elihle Rawutini (Deputy Head girl), Devandre George with Co-ordinater Mr M Leander
Front Row (l to r) : Bridgette Davids, Bevin Titus, Gregon Smith (Head boy), Mitanchia Meyer (Head girl), Gregan Swarts and Joslyn Jansen

Scholar Patrol

Sea Vista Primary School 2018 Leaders in Scholar Patrol :
(l to r) Chandre Sisuza (Leader),and Joleze Nieveldt (Captain) for Girls with Roshart Sisuza (Captain) and Keedam Jamaar (Leader) for Boys

Articles & Photos by Lyn Aitken



Who will pick up the bill

It is fair to assume that the petition to ‘Save the Spit’ signed  by several hundred concerned SFB residents had an influence on  DEDEAT’s decision to allow emergency reparations to commence on the spit albeit with certain conditions and restrictions. The input of the Municipal Manager Charl du Plessis should also not be ignored for there is little doubt his input resulted in the positive outcome. Threatened with severe consequence should the spit breach, they really had no alternative for it was mooted that either DEDEAT or the municipality, or both, could be held liable for any damage to property in the event of such a breach.

The question now that DEDEAT has allowed reparations to proceed does this absolve them from any claims should the spit breach say during the winter storms? But should the spit breach and DEDEAT and the municipality are absolved then surely all reparation to private canal walls and indeed even garden and home interiors will thus have to be borne by the individual home owner. So that begs the next question, would individual insurance cover pay for home owners damage if it is considered that they were aware of the potential chance of damage and made no effort to contribute to corrective efforts..

Hopefully the work being done by SFPO, the Riparians and Joint River committee should see them pump sufficient sand onto the spit in the coming months to bolster the spit through the winter storms and until a more permanent solution can be implemented.

Moving from the spit to the beach front properties where owners have had to spend hundreds of thousands of Rands in rebuilding the revetments to protect their properties being engulfed by the ocean. In a way these home owners are the final bastion against the ocean encroaching further into St Francis Bay. There can be little doubt the rock revetments are a temporary solution and can only be effective for a limited time. The beach simply has to be restored so as to prevent the daily high tide assault on these revetments causing them to slowly subside.

Many will say the beach is not their problem, or it’s a lost cause, or there is no way it will encroach further, or the proposed solution won’t work. With nothing else on the table surely it is worth at least trying for to do nothing, certainly won’t fix anything.

Reading between the lines of a Facebook post this weekend it seems the anti-SRA lobbyists are not going to accept the results of the SRA vote should it go against them.  Let us hope they don’t drag this into the courts a la the Quayside debacle spending funds that could be better spent on saving St Francis.

Note: Those who regular use Cape St Francis beach probably wouldn’t notice but is it possible that thi beach is also starting to erode?